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Barbershop - 100ml Aftershave Splash

US Domestic Customers Only

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Ingredients: Denatured Alcohol, Witch Hazel, Fragrance Oil, Aloe, Glycerin, Hydrovance
Size: 100ml
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    Candy cane pole twirling outside? Check. Cup of combs in the mystery blue liquid? Check. A smell that recreates the essence of sitting in the old-time barbershop, reading the paper while you wait? Check. (Fragrance Oil)

    **NOTE: This item is not eligible for international shipment due to federal regulations.  Any international orders containing this item will be refunded.

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    1. Amazing Scent that really lasts!!

      This may be my favorite Barbershop scent and it lasts a long time. I get compliments every time I wear it. Love that I added menthol to mine when I ordered foe that extra burn after shaving. All Sterling AS are tremendous value!! I own a few!! on 8th Feb 2017

    2. Too Sweet

      I splashed this on and the wife said I smelled like cotton candy. The scent is way too sweet for me. It's like a vanilla candy smell. I'm not sure what kind of barbershop smells like that.

      The performance is awesome like all other Stirling aftershaves. Leaves the skin smooth and soft. Unfortunately this is just not my scent.
      on 28th Jan 2017

    3. Nothing but Compliments

      Gave a nice burn and smelled great. Receive nothing but compliments when wearing it. Bought the full size bottle right off the bat and am glad I did. Definitely worth a re-order when it runs out. on 6th Jan 2017

    4. Barbershop Heaven

      Pure winner-great face feel, awesome scent!!! on 2nd Dec 2016

    5. wonderful scent

      Great product. Wonderful scent on 24th Nov 2016

    6. Beautiful burn

      Stirling definitely has a winner here. I like a little bit of a burn with aftershave splash and this has just the right amount. It wakes you up and reminds you that YOU'RE A MAN. It has a nice toning quality that rivals anything short of an alum block. And don't even get me started on the barbershop scent, it compliments the stirling barbershop balm so well. This will for sure always be stocked in my den. on 16th Oct 2016

    7. Great Scent

      Received a small sample and was immediately hooked....ordered the regular size 2 days later. Great scent...use in combination with Barbershop shave soap and post shave balm. on 23rd Sep 2016

    8. Highly Recommend

      I went all out and got the whole bottle rather than trying the sample first. I have since tried other samples of aftershaves like Chiseled Face Ghost Town Barber, Proraso Sandalwood, Fine Accoutrements American Blend, Clubman Pinaud, and Stirling's Barbershop aftershave is still my favorite.

      It not only smells amazing but leaves my face feeling toned, but not dried out or too tight. The scent lasts a while, and is not overpowering, but my wife can still smell it on my face when she kisses me on the cheek when I get home from work.

      I would recommend this to anyone who likes shaving, and likes aftershaves.
      on 31st Aug 2016

    9. Amazing Scent

      I love this sent so much. It smells So Amazing. hands down the best barber shop scent I've smelled I kick my self for not buying this scent before but now that I did am so happy. And will always buy it when I start to run low. I give it to Rod, man he's a Genius. When Rod labels on his soaps premium quality he sure tells the truth. Rod and his wife Mandy are the nicest people, they care about their customers and will make it right for you if you have a problem. I love Sterling Soap Company. on 7th Aug 2016

    10. A Winner!

      I am happy with this, my first aftershave lotion from your company. I really like how the bottle is set up so only a small amount comes out with each pour. With each usage, I find I'm adjusting better to the immediate burn sensation, which in turn gives me all the more time to enjoy the pleasant manly scent it provides. I'm guessing the "burn" issue wouldn't be such a struggle for me in the fall&winter months. Having said that, I use it on low-humidity days now, and I bet there will be enough left for those cooler months, which would, of course, be great. I look forward to trying some others in addition to Barbershop, and could well choose this one again also, but as I say, to me it may be more comfortable for me when the weather turns chilly. Overall, a fine aftershave-thank you Rod&Amanda!! on 6th Aug 2016

    11. Absolutely love this product

      I received a sample of the barbershop after shave through a subscription shaving service. After using the second day, I immediately ordered a full size bottle. The scent is amazing (and my wife loves it too) . My face also has never felt better after a shave. I am completely converted, this will be my aftershave for as long as I can order it. on 25th Jul 2016

    12. Barbershop

      I got a sample of Stirling's after shaves and I fell in love with this Barbershop. It just smells wonderful. Rich, soothing scent. I will be buy the full size for sure. on 30th Jun 2016

    13. My Favorite Aftersplash

      This is my "go to". I like the Barber Shop Shaving Soap and this after splash then complimented with the Barber Shop Post Shave Balm. A mild scent that diminishes throughout the day. I rub it all over my head after I shave! on 6th May 2016

    14. Powdery Fresh

      I am not able to use the scented soaps from Stirling as I have reactions to fragrances from soaps, but I am able to use the scented aftershave splashes so I choose to smell like an older barbershop! I have gotten plenty of compliments on this scent saying that it smells powdery and sweet, and I get those at like 10 in the morning and I shave at like 3 in the morning, so that speaks for the staying power. Love it! on 21st Apr 2016

    15. Great Product!!

      Another Great Product!! This makes a great pair with the Barbershop shave soap, and leaves your skin feeling great!! The scent is very good also, and lasts all day!! Another job well done!! on 31st Mar 2016

    16. Give it a try

      I liked this stuff the first day I used it good burn, not to bad at all for alcohol based aftershave either. But the next day my skin was dry. Might just be me it is still Spring in the Pacific North West. You think with all the rain we wouldn't be so dry go figure. O'well give this stuff a shot, see what you think. Glad over all that I gave it a shot. I was going to try Fine Accoutrements aftershave but price was a little higher so I did this instead. Glad I stuck with Sterling. on 25th Mar 2016

    17. Stays all day

      I enjoy the aroma of this product and the ability to have it around almost all day. My wife likes it too!!! The smell of the barbershop is unique and enjoyable. on 3rd Mar 2016

    18. Wow!!!

      I wanted a talow scent because to me, that is barbershop. This takes it to another level and it's so great. Sterling has my favorite scents and this is one of my top three. It's very sweet but masculine at the same time. You have to try this scent. on 17th Jan 2016

    19. Possibly my favorite scent...

      Stirling's take on Barbershop is completely unique, and I absolutely LOVE it! Sweet yet masculine. Instant classic! This splash, like all Stirling splashes, packs some burn but is very soothing once that burn subsides. The scent lingers especially well for an aftershave too. Moisturizes sufficiently on its own when paired with the matching shaving soap, but add a dab of their balm and your skin will be extraordinarily supple. on 21st Nov 2015

    20. So much better than I expected

      I really dig this scent. It is so much better than I expected when I received this bottle and opened it and smelled it. Yeah, it smelled good but smelled weak. Even after splashing it on this morning I thought it smelled weak. After a few minutes though I was presented with a wonderful powdery aroma. Here it is 8 hours later and I still can smell the wonderful aroma. It's a keeper for me. on 13th Nov 2015

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