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Barbershop Post-Shave Balm


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Ingredients: Distilled Water, Witch Hazel, Aloe, Emulsifying Wax, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Glycerin, Myristyl Myristate (Co-Emulsifier), Grapeseed Oil, Refined Shea Butter, Fragrance Oil, Vitamin E, Optiphen Plus, Stearic Acid, Coconut Oil, Allantoin
Product Volume: ~4.0oz
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    Candy cane pole twirling outside? Check. Cup of combs in the mystery blue liquid? Check. A smell that recreates the essence of sitting in the old-time barbershop, reading the paper while you wait? Check.

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    1. great scent

      I am allergic to most perfumes in cologne's & aftershaves. Not the case here. I shave before bed and use the unscented post shave balm then. Before I go to work I use the scented balm. Been told by the ladies it smells better, not as potent and lasts longer than most coworkers colognes. Plus smells better. on 4th Nov 2017

    2. Perfect scent

      Love the performance of the balm and how light it is - not a thick or overly liquid balm like others. Smell is a little lighter than the soap, aftershave, or oil, but still notes of vanilla and musk. on 15th Aug 2017

    3. Are you kidding me?

      This is not my first Stirling product, so I knew it was going to be good. I was surprised, however, at how much this smelled like the small-town barbershop of my childhood. Wow! I was transported back to my teenage years, sitting on a barber chair and watching ESPN while Barber Bill trimmed away my cowlick. Seriously, how do Rod and Mandy know what my barbershop smelled like? They nailed it! on 23rd Apr 2017

    4. Stirling Balms are simply excellent

      Stirling performance is excellent across all of their products and consistency is amazing. Another great product in a great scent! If you have sensitive skin take a stab at Stirling's balms. on 13th Mar 2017

    5. Great Balm

      This is not like the store bought balm that is either too thick or too thin, It is the perfect after shave that soothes any irritation (and make it go away) and feels great at the same time. All the ingredients go so well together. I really look forward using this every morning. To me balm is must have and this is number one. on 1st Nov 2016

    6. Fantastic balm

      I bought this balm because I was interested in trying the Stirling company (turned onto it by badgerandblade forum) and I'm so glad that I did. If you are not familiar with Stirling, it it does come with an initial warmth/burn and applies just a tad greasy, but leaves a fantastic after feeling of moisturizing. The greasy-ness will soak in leaving soft moisturized skin. I found there is some initial, sweating maybe, once applied. But I think that is normal of quality Aftershave products, which is what this is. on 16th Oct 2016

    7. Sweet Barbershop

      I purchase Stirling balms because of their excellent healing qualities. The Barbershop is no exception. If you are purchasing, be aware that this Barbershop scent is sweeter than most. It has a high, sweet note like vanilla. So, if that's not your cup of tea, I would search around the site for another scent. on 12th Oct 2016

    8. Great Product

      Love the scent, and soothing feeling it gives after shaving. A little goes a long way. Use with Barbershop shave soap and aftershave splash on 23rd Sep 2016

    9. This is a great balm

      Really like the smell and my wife does also. Not greasy at all. I have had no razor burn sense I started using it.
      If this one has any flaw to it it is not the balm , but the bottle it comes in. I find it hard not to squeeze out more than I need. This balm needs very little to work. I have yet to squeeze out the proper amount needed. I always seem to get to much. It may not be the plastic bottle , it may just be me.
      I gave it 5 stars because balm is that good. Try iy. You'll love it.
      on 6th Sep 2016

    10. Number one Scent the greatest barber shop scent

      I love this barber shop scent beauiful. The Greatest Barber shop scent on the Market. No one beats it no one. My favorite Scent This balm is heaven. It's feels and smells so good on your face. All of Rods balms are Amazing. Smells exactly like the soaps and after shaves # 1 for sure. Top notch products that feel and smell beautiful. Rod When you read this, I just want to say your the man and I give you a lot of respect cause you deserve it. I love Sterling... on 3rd Sep 2016

    11. beautiful product

      Great post-shave feeling and scent. on 16th Aug 2016

    12. Excellent Excellent Excellent

      By Stirling has the best after shave balms on the market. I'm not one to do reviews because I'm lazy. The after shave balms here make face feel good and hydrated. I also want to say Rod gives excellent customer service, because the post office lost an order of mine. Rod was very helpful in trying to get it found, and since it was never found he reshipped my order.
      THANKS ROD!!!!
      on 13th Jul 2016

    13. Great product

      This is my favorite barbershop scent I own. More of a warm and soft, spicy scent. This would b my fall/winter barbershop scent. on 4th Jul 2016

    14. The definitive barbershop scent

      The smell is as fantastic as the soap, clean, fresh and sharp.

      The balm like all the Sterling artisan balms performs superbly on the face, very soothing and incredibly good for moisturizing for that post-shave feel.

      A definitive barbershop scent!
      on 25th Jun 2016

    15. Just great stuff

      I like the scent, smoothness of the product, the quick dry time and the fact that it leaves my skin non-oily and feeling smooth. My second order. I've found a new AS balm. on 17th May 2016

    16. amazing!!!

      Love this and all of stirling products. on 3rd May 2016

    17. Great Balm

      Smells awesome. Keeps the skin smooth. Doesnt take much to cover the entire face. A+++++ on 23rd Apr 2016

    18. Buy it!

      This stuff is amazing! The best part is that a little goes a long way. I have really sensitive skin and this leaves your skin felling great. It does not feel to oily afterwards. The scent stays with you all day. on 25th Mar 2016

    19. Loved the Aftershave, but the balm...

      It's a Stirling blam. It is fantastic. It soes all that a balm should do.

      It is the amount of scent that disappointed me. The Stirling barbershop aftershave must have spoiled me. I was looking for a _much_ stronger and longer lasting scent.

      I'll use this up, but will be ordering the barbershop aftershave from now on.

      on 28th Oct 2015

    20. Wow, Barbershop!

      Stirling Barbershop is one of my favorite scents. So, I thought I'd try the balm, and the performance is typical Striling of course (which is fantastic), but the scent on this is fantastic too, smells just like the splash! So, I've found my new favorite balm! Thank you Stirling! on 16th Oct 2015

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