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Bay Rum - Shave


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Ingredients: Beef Tallow, Stearic Acid, Distilled Water, Castor Oil, Potassium Hydroxide, Vegetable Glycerin, Essential Oil, Almond Oil, Shea Butter, Coconut Milk, Lanolin, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Lactate
Jar Size: ~5.8oz
Refill Puck Size: ~4.5oz
Sample Puck Size: ~1.0oz
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    Our take on the classic Bay Rum scent. Bay West Indies (Pimenta Racemosa) essential oil is blended with Orange, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, and a hint of Clove to provide a very complex and masculine aroma. (Essential Oil)


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    1. Great Scent, Consistent Performance

      This is my second Stirling shave soap. The Bay Rum scent is great - very "spicy" and unique. I bought this for a good winter version. Most importantly, this soap performs just as well as my other (Island Man) due to the tallow content. The packaging is also superior to other shave soaps since the large size makes it easier to load the brush. on 27th Nov 2017

    2. First timer

      This was my first time using Stirling soaps and found it to be a great product. I'm also new to the wet shave process and picked this company after seeing videos posted on media. I chose Bay Rum soap because of its scent profile matched my cologne. Very happy with both performance and scent. Will defiantly be trying other soaps. on 18th Nov 2017

    3. Bay rum shave

      I have used several of the Stirling shave soap scents . All form thick slick lather. Of all the scents I've tried I would have to say the the BAY RUM IS THE BEST. Stirling soap offers value. Great Products & price. on 7th Nov 2017

    4. New to Bay Rum

      I do not have any previous experience with this classic scent. Rich spice dominates the scent, with a hint of citrus. It's not a bad scent but not for me. If you're a Bay Rum fan give it a shot for sure! on 27th Oct 2017

    5. Spicy goodness!

      This soap is the best on the market hands down. The lather is great and this scent has made its way into my favorites. on 24th Oct 2017

    6. Excellent Shave Soap

      This is my 12th Stirling soap and like all of the others, this is an excellent performing soap with a great scent. on 18th Oct 2017

    7. Very Woodsy

      The soap works great, just the smell was not what I was expecting. on 17th Oct 2017

    8. Wow...

      I've been a wet shaver for around 7 years. After seeing tons of great reviews for Sterling Soap, I finally decided to give it a try and ordered six samples. Bay Rum was the first I tried. I easily whipped up enough lather for 3 passes on my head and two on my face. This stuff is super slick, provides great protection, and does not easily break down. After opening the shipping box and smelling the various scents, I expected this to be overpowering. Once I had it lathered up, it gave off a sweet, pleasant scent that was not overpowering at all, and didn't linger very long after the shave. Can't wait to try the other five scents... on 16th Oct 2017

    9. wow!

      My first go around with Stirling products was outstanding. I easily whipped up enough lather for a 3 pass shave and then some. Excellent thickness and protection even on my neck and while using a fresh Feather blade at that. I will be a repeat customer. on 13th Sep 2017

    10. first shave with stirling

      I'm relatively new to wet shaving (7 months). After seeing many positive reviews for Stirling shave soap I decided to give them a try. I ordered the 5.8 oz puck of the bay rum scent and they even threw in a sample of the Weekend In Malibu bath soap and a hand written thank you note. I had my first shave with the soap last night and all I can say is "wow!". The soap was very easy to load and lather. The slickness and protection was the best I've ever experienced. The post shave was incredible! My face felt smooth and comfortable and had plenty of slickness left. The scent was amazing as well. You guys have done a fantastic job here and I will definitely be a repeat customer. on 5th Sep 2017

    11. smells better after the shave is over

      Great performer , slick as always. I've learned to spend time lathering correctly. You get such a better shave. This bay rum smells great. on 18th Aug 2017

    12. My favorite so far

      I'm new to wet shaving and have only tried a couple soaps. Proraso, a couple melt and pours, and my own home made. Stirling destroys them all easily. This is so far my favorite scent out of the 5 that I've tried. The spicy scent with undertones of orange, and a a sweet rum smell make me feel like a well groomed pirate. on 15th Aug 2017

    13. Real Bay

      Mmm....I love this spicy aroma! A fine foam allows you to shave in pleasure. Thank you for the wonderful soap! Guys, this must be tried! on 1st Aug 2017

    14. Great Soap!

      As I have said before, like all of the scents I have tried, the quality is fantastic, they lather easy, excellent slickness, will continue to buy more. on 19th Jul 2017

    15. So choice

      This is only the second Stirling scent I've tried, and if two points determine a line, we're heading in the right direction. This is a wonderful scent. The puck smells good enough, but once the lather is formed and applied, the fragrances are released more fully. How can I describe it...It's sort of a giant rummy-spicy-sweet cloud on the face. What kicks this scent over the edge for me is the subtle but clear note of orange that sort of harmonizes with the other scents. As I work my way through the many samples I purchased (agonizingly slowly, since these darn samples last so long), I'm making a short list of aftershaves to try. Bay Rum is first on the list so far, but I expect there will be others. on 20th Jun 2017

    16. Great Scent

      Love this shave soap and happy to see a company using a full essential oil blend instead of fragrance oils. on 13th Jun 2017

    17. Shaving soap that hits a home run

      After trying the small sample of Bay Rum and finding that it delivered everything as advertised, I ordered the large size.
      I am very pleased with the Bay Rum shaving soap, I get very close shaves, it protects my face during shaving and leaves my skin soft and happy.
      The Bay Rum scent as delivered by Stirling Soap Company is as near to perfect as is possible. The scent is a classic and Stirling produces a well balanced, pleasing smell.
      on 13th Jun 2017

    18. Wonderful scent!

      As always, Stirling has done a magnificent job with this soap. I love the smell of spices and cloves in this soap. My only wish is that the smell was stronger and lasted longer. on 9th Jun 2017

    19. Smells incredible and shaves great

      This might be my favorite scent. It has an unbelievable smell like rich, thick spices and vanilla. I like to stick my nose in the tin and smell it sometimes even when I'm not shaving. It lathers very well. on 29th May 2017

    20. This has it all.

      My all time favorite scent, very difficult to get correct and Stirling has nailed it bang on.
      This is the scent my children grew up with associating with me and my wife loves it and allows me to stick around now for 49 years. I will be getting a large container because this is closest to a now long deceased scent. Thank you Stirling!
      on 27th Apr 2017

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