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Bergamot Lavender - Shave


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Ingredients: Beef Tallow, Stearic Acid, Distilled Water, Castor Oil, Potassium Hydroxide, Vegetable Glycerin, Essential Oil, Almond Oil, Shea Butter, Coconut Milk, Lanolin, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Lactate
Jar Size: ~5.8oz
Refill Puck Size: ~4.5oz
Sample Puck Size: ~1.0oz
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    If Lavender had a peel, this is what it would smell like. Spicy, sweet, floral, and most definitely unique. (Essential Oil)


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    1. Smooth Shave!

      I've used a broad assortment of shaving soaps over the years, having left the propellant cans way behind. English, Portuguese and German brands. When I came upon the Stirling products, the difficult part was making a decision, so many varieties. I settled on a Bergamot base, a citrus scent I had used in the past.

      With a good badger hair brush and the right amount of hot water, the soap made a creamy, stiff lather that held up to a hot towel steam soak. I applied the soap over a few dabs of pre-shave oil and went to work. I use Harry's razors and a Merkur double-edge for cutting in.

      Clean, no burning and a mild scent which my wife loves. Not at all overpowering. Very subtle.
      I recommend this product.
      on 24th Oct 2017

    2. Great soap!

      I am a huge fan of Stirling soaps and this scent is great. on 19th Oct 2017

    3. Immediately My Best Shaving Soap

      I decided to try Stirling because of the good reviews I had seen. I like the natural ingredient list compared with other soaps. In particular, I wanted a slick soap to minimize razor burn. For context, I have used numerous other brands (Proraso: Red and White, TOBS Sandalwood, Tabac, Razorock XXX, etc.). To start, I ordered from Stirling a 4.5 oz puck and three of their 1oz samples. The first scent I tested is the Bergamot Lavender. This scent is terrific. It lathers very easily. The second pass in particular is super slick - like shaving on air. I never get any nicks. Stirling has immediately jumped to the top of my list. That's saying something since I liked the other brands. I can't wait to try the rest of my Stirling samples and order more Stirling scents in the future. on 15th Sep 2017

    4. Great scent

      Smells great. Minor irritation after shaving. (Very sensitive skin). I mix it with Lemon Chill and really like it. on 6th Sep 2017

    5. Pleasant Smell...Great Shave

      BERGAMOT LAVENDER, has an great plesant, natural, easy scent. What draws me to Stirling Soaps are the ingredients, they have everything I like in a soap and some. Thick rich lather, perfect slickness, great post shave feel.... release the endorphins!!! on 30th Aug 2017

    6. Good

      Could gave used a bit more Lavender scent..didn't have the post shave skin feeling of a MITA or Orange Chill which remain my favorites so far.Will try Executive Man next! on 21st Aug 2017

    7. Another great scent!!

      I bought this and wasn't sure if I would like it but it is a fantastic scent, love it, not overpowering just a nice scent, bought the after shave splash to go along with it, as with all Stirling soaps it lathers well great cushion and slickness, will continue to buy Stirling products. on 1st Aug 2017

    8. Oh, wow!

      Best shave I've ever had; I've sampled at least 15 different Stirling scents, and as good a shave as they've all provided, the lavender feels the best of all of them. I've used this soap to shave after a sunburn, with great results. This soap has the great lubrication of the Stirling Soap, combined with the soothing anti-inflammatory properties of lavender. Great as an every day shaving soap, or on damaged skin. on 7th Jun 2017

    9. perfection in a green tin

      Love the smell of the lavender. It is not too overbearing. The lather that the soap produces was way more than I expected. on 18th May 2017

    10. My latest soap, my latest favorite

      I was looking for something that is different from the cologne type scented soaps. I have used the bergamot and lavender bath soap and really enjoyed the fragrance. I liken it to a barbershop type scent. The shave soap did not disappoint. Great performance. I have become a huge fan of the Stirling essential oil line of soaps. My next order is for samples of all the ones I have yet to try (yes, even the one reminiscent of an elderly gentleman's garments). on 9th May 2017

    11. I can't get enough

      I love this scent so much. I usually go for a shave soap with menthol in it, but this scent is too good to pass up some shaves. I love it. This one is my favorite out of the 15 Stirling shave soaps I have tried. on 24th Apr 2017

    12. A blanket of soothing lavender with a gentle bergamont breeze

      I love this soap. the scent, slickness, lather, protection & skin hydration is absolutely superb! sometimes I find myself taking this out and smelling it throughout the day just to bring a smile to my face. this product makes me wish I had more legs, underarms & face to use it on. seriously, if ya wanna get a sample just to try it out you will see why everyone loves this soap! on 4th Apr 2017

    13. Strong Lavender

      The quality of this soap is consistent as all Stirling Soaps that I have tried so far. The scent is nice if you love lavender. I didn't really smell the bergamot in it though. But scent is subjective so I still recommend it to those that love a floral scent. on 9th Feb 2017

    14. Smooth and creamy

      This is a very nice shave soap that consistently performs well. My razor does the work and the soap provides the base. I like the scent though my wife says she can small it well down the hall from the bathroom. on 7th Feb 2017

    15. bergamot/ lavender shave

      Relaxing scent, smooth shave. on 11th Jan 2017

    16. Big beautiful floral scent!! but not for me

      If you're looking for a big powerful lavender scent, we will definitely find it in the soap. Performance wise, this is a soap that lives up to Sterling's standards no complaints here. It's just two floral for me, so I probably won't buy it again. on 21st Dec 2016

    17. Great shave soap!

      I love the scent of this soap! Being an evening shaver, the beautiful lavender scent of this soap really helps relax me after a long day at work. Scent strength is moderate which is great for me as I like to be immersed in the scent as I shave. Performance is top notch as it is with all of my Stirling shave soaps. Nice creamy, thick and slick lather provides great glide and cushion for my shaves. Whether it's with my straight or DE, it leaves my face and skin feeling great afterward. A big plus is that my wife also loves the scent! Great job on this one, highly recommended! on 30th Nov 2016

    18. greatness in a green tub

      One word wow. Rod is the man people. There's not one sterling soap I have never disliked or did not agree with the scent. Beautiful scent. Rod is the man!!! Thank you so much Rod I appreciate your business and I'm a loyal customer for life you can guarantee that. Thank you for always throwing in a sample of soap. Appreciate it so much rod that's why I can't stop and won't never stop buying from you. Thank you very much my bathroom is full of sterling products every ware I look and I am proud to say that. My friends and Family say I have to much can never have to much... I love it. on 7th Sep 2016

    19. lavender soap

      I cant say anything bad AT ALL I love it on 16th Aug 2016

    20. Great lavender scent for summer!

      Of the 8 Stirling soaps I haven't known any difference among them aside from scent, I won't bother reviewing the performance of this soap because, like all Stirling soaps, it's top notch.

      I really like this scent for summer. It's a nice refreshing and invigorating lavender smell, more herbal than sweet. Not as strong as some other Stirling soaps. The bergamot comes in pretty light, but there is definitely a nice citrusy smell with a bit of warmth that really goes great with the lavender! This is a great scent for men and women!
      on 14th Jul 2016

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