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Black Cherry - Bath


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Ingredients: Beef Tallow, Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Distilled Water, Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Fragrance Oil, Sodium Lactate
Bar Size: ~5.5oz
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    A mouth-watering Black Cherry scent that not only has an amazing sticking power in the soap, it also fills the room with its luscious aroma. (Fragrance Oil)

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    1. Decedent

      This soap smells so good and is so moisturizing! It gets so cold and dry where I live during the winter I always struggle with chapped, cracked and bleeding hands due to washing my hand so frequently being a nurse. This soap has kept me from needing to worry about any of that because it keeps my hands moisturized! Sold for life. on 9th Feb 2018

    2. Great soap!

      I have been using the black cherry shave soap for a few months now and have been very pleased with the performance and scent. I went ahead and tried the black cherry bath soap and I haven't been disappointed. Subtle scent and leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. I will be purchasing more bars of this and many other scents of soap from Stirling. on 15th Sep 2017

    3. Great Scent that's Long Lasting

      This soap was bought for my wife after she was dissatisfied with another artisan soap that, despite it's great scent, would become overly slimey when wet and would slake off. Stirling Soap is the exact opposite. Black Cherry is a great scent that fills the bathroom and lingers on the skin without leaving residue. It's everything she wanted in a soap and she when I asked her how many stars, she answered with a resounding 5 w/out hesitation! on 24th Feb 2017

    4. An explosion of cherry sweetness fragrance

      Moisturizing soap that fills the shower with a wonderful fragrance. on 27th Dec 2016

    5. great soap, bad sent

      Smells like a car airfresher or cough syurp. on 17th Oct 2016

    6. Great Scent, Absolutely Love All of Stirlings Soaps

      I have been using Stirling Soaps for a couple years now and I have ordered around 30 different scents or so. However, I always order a couple Black Cherry's because it is my absolute favorite.

      I have never ordered a soap that I haven't liked the scent of, and most of the time they all smell great. I got a very nice handwritten note from the owners on the packing slip from my last order. Customer service is always fantastic and all of their soaps are better than any other brand.
      on 18th Jul 2016

    7. Awesome Soap!

      I love this soap. It has a strong bold black cherry scent. My whole bathroom smells like Dr. Pepper Cherry after using it. This soap makes you feel very clean after using it. I never thought I would like this but it my new favorite soap. Plus the shaving soap and slash pars perfectly this it. I will never go without Black Cherry in my life. Great job Rod!
      on 7th Mar 2016

    8. smells like cherry cough drops

      received this as a sample in my last order and finally got to use it. its a really nice scent, reminds me of halls cherry cough drops without the medicinie smell. the soap is great and the scent does stick around for a while. im not a huge fan of cherries in general so thats why i gave it four stars. it is worth an order to try it out for yourself. on 27th Oct 2015

    9. Meh....Not for Me

      I really thought this flavor would be a winner. But it isn't in our house. To me, it smells like a little old lady. Too perfumey. I give it 3-stars because we like the lather of this soap, but I give the smell 1-star. I couldn't tolerate it all the way through the entire bar and ended up putting it in the shower for my husband (who can't smell as well as I do) to power through. I'm glad it's gone now and I won't make the mistake of getting it again. Don't buy this one, try another marvelous flavor instead. on 26th Oct 2015

    10. Great Scent & Nice Lather

      Very nice soap for the hands and face. Leaves the skin feeling smooth and fresh. on 29th Sep 2015

    11. Unbelievable scent, Unworldly clean, Unparalleled value: Buy it

      Out of all the scents I've gotten from Stirling Soap Co. This is by far the most surprising. I originally got this scent in a shave soap sample with my first order, It was funny because frankly Black Cherry sounded like a dull scent that wouldn't go over very well in a Soap..

      It smelled Heavenly. So good in fact, I needed to buy the Bar Soap version. I will note that the Bar Soap scent is a little Darker and more Muted than the Shave Soap version, which is brighter and stronger, but the staying power is outrageous. Also having it in the bathroom is like a 24/7 air freshener.

      The only thing that could even slightly be a downside to this soap is that the Scott's Pine Sheep Soap is more nourishing and leaves my skin feeling --- a little --- softer.
      on 24th Aug 2015

    12. Cure for the smelly teenager....

      I added this soap onto an order I placed recently because I was looking for something that might curb the odor the emanates from my teenage son. He's a big fan of black cherries (ice cream, soda, etc.) so I thought this might be some motivation. In any event, he likes the scent and car rides with him have been a little better. on 3rd Aug 2015

    13. do it

      just use it!!!!!!!!!! on 13th May 2015

    14. Cherry YUM!!!

      This smell is great! Smells just like Black Cherry Kool-Aid!! It is not a candy type of smell like you would get from a maraschino cherry but more of a really nice real cherry smell!! on 16th Mar 2015

    15. Pleasantly Nice

      I bought to test and have enjoyed it. The smell doesn't last long and smells like you would expect black cherries to smell. I will purchase again. on 4th Feb 2015

    16. Awesome soap

      Not overly sweet smelling, very nice on 26th Jan 2015

    17. Fantastic soap!

      A great bath soap with a great scent.
      Very nice sour cherry (vs sweet cherry) scent. Bold and delicious!
      on 21st Dec 2014

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