Stirling Stainless DE Razor

Stirling Soap Company SKU: SSDE-HA

Stirling Stainless DE Razor

Stirling Soap Company SKU: SSDE-HA
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Many of you are aware that about 3 years ago, a manufacturing company we were working with in the US outsourced our job to China without our knowledge. The razors were etched with 'Made in the USA' so we could not sell them until we figured out how to remove the etching. We have ground the etching off and so they are greatly discounted but the razors still perform as intended and tolerances and finish match or exceed the first batch.

For those of you who have been following, this razor is the result of years of trials, great efforts, and multiple learning experiences. It's a beautiful piece of work, and will be an heirloom piece to be passed down for use by multiple generations. Each visible surface is polished to a near mirror finish on 316L marine grade stainless steel. Each base plate is etched with a serial number representing the model, batch number, and sequence so you know your razor is unique. You may also add on an additional handle and a leather travel case for $20 each. That being said, please read carefully before purchasing. 


Head(s) - Your Choice (Get Standard, Hyper-Aggressive, or Both)

Handle(s) - Your Choice (Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth)

OPTIONAL - Additional Handle of Your Choosing

1 Top Cap (All purchases will receive only ONE top cap due to availability)

OPTIONAL - 1 Travel Case (+$20)

These razors were designed by me (Rod) for me. I like aggressive blade feel and efficiency in a razor. I rarely do anything more than two passes, and often do a single pass with buffing. I require a razor that can keep up with this. This razor will not be for everyone. The Hyper-Aggressive head is one of the most efficient and aggressive razors to come to market. It has positive blade exposure and a huge blade gap. The shallow blade angle will require you to angle the razor handle away from your face (ride the cap) to take advantage of the full efficient glory of this razor. Starting with an extremely sharp blade such as Feather from the first shave is not recommended. If you are not certain that you like aggressive razors, please do not purchase the Hyper-Aggressive head, as we can not accept returns. 

The Standard head still has an aggressive blade gap, positive blade exposure, and a shallow blade angle. However, the gap is reduced and the result is a super efficient and smooth razor that will be more compatible with the average shaver. This is still an aggressive razor and not for beginners. If you find a Gillette Slim on 9 or a DE89 to be aggressive, this is still not a razor for you. 

While the finish on these would be considered between an ASTM 7 and 8, which are the highest polish levels for stainless steel, they are not a flawless "Wolfman" style finish. Going to a full #8 flawless mirror finish would have nearly doubled the manufacturing cost. They are still among the most highly polished and beautiful razors ever made and I truly hope you enjoy the look and feel. There's not one iota of chrome on these razors. 


Standard (ST) Head w/ Top Cap Weight: 45g

Hyper-Aggressive (HA) Head w/ Top Cap Weight: 49g

Austin Handle Weight: 51g

Dallas Handle Weight: 52g

Fort Worth Handle Weight: 49g

Handle Height: 3.5 inches

Handle Material: 316L Stainless Steel

Head Material: 316L Stainless Steel

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