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FACTORY SECONDS - Synthetic Shave Brush - 26mm x 63mm (Kong)

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Total Brush Weight: 105g
Total Brush Height: 4.74 in
Knot Diameter: 26mm
Knot Loft: 63mm
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  • Product Description

    These brushes are FACTORY SECONDS.  They have minor defects which DO NOT in any way affect the performance of the brush.  This is an amazing bargain for a great brush that can be a daily driver, a travel brush, or however you wish to use it.

    The minor defects include:

    Scratched Logo

    No Logo

    No Logo/Crooked Knot

    Crooked Knot

    Glue Spot

    NOTE: There will be ABSOLUTELY NO refunds, exchanges, or returns for this item after shipment.


    Product Description:

    Synthetic fibers have never felt so good.  Super soft tips with a sturdy black resin handle.  


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    1. JUST BUY IT!

      Don't even think twice. Just buy it. Super soft bristles. Creates later easily. It's like it's made for Stirling soaps. Don't worry about the label "Factory Seconds". This, by no means, reflects that it's lower quality. I think I've had mine about a month and it's shed 1, yes 1, hair. Great quality. Better price! on 23rd Feb 2016

    2. A Beast

      This is the 26mm big brother of the 22mm, Plisson-like brush that Stirling Soap offers. Most just call it Kong. It has the same silky feel as the "brush of the gods", but costs much less. The 26mm knot will hold an enormous amount of lather. If you are determined to do an 8 pass shave -- no problem. Unlike, boar or badger brushes, there is no break-in required and none of the road kill stench that will likely reside in your boar or badger brushes for the first dozen shaves. If you want to really load up the lather, this is your brush. I got two, and I'm glad I did. You should get one too. on 17th Feb 2016

    3. Awesome Brush

      Bought the "Factory Seconds" version of this brush. For the discount, with the only defect being with the label (or lack of it), I couldn't pass it up. Whips up a GREAT lather in no time. Soft bristles with good backbone. LOVE this brush! on 3rd Feb 2016

    4. Great Brush

      Why are you reading reviews? Just buy the brush. It is super luxurious and creates a great lather. The price is awesome too. This is my favorite brush, more than my Art of Shaving fine badger. on 15th Jan 2016

    5. What a wonderful brush!

      This is an amazing brush and lathers like nothing else! I've tried boar and badger, and nothing can compare-- especially at this price point! Pettable and soft, but with backbone. It even holds lather temperature in a lather scuttle. It's like the best of all worlds!

      The learning curve for use is very shallow, just use more water when lathering, as the brush doesn't carry much water.

      I bought a Kong with a cosmetic defect (glue spot). I couldn't find the problem!
      on 12th Jan 2016


      Just unpacked my Kong 26" brush! I went with one without defects but didn't see a place to leave review for that so I posted here. I have been shaving since I left for ARMY back in 1995 at age of 17. Let me say, best synth brush I've ever used! KUDOS Rod! I also ordered a full size barbershop shave soap puck after burning through my sample puck 2 weeks ago (don't waste your time on sampling the shave soap I did and I regret it, order scent of your choice and it will beat any shave soap you've ever used). Well, the Kong lathered up in seconds like it was designed to be used with the sterling soaps. Really it was like a hand in an old worn out glove. It took me about 2.5 seconds to retire my other name brand synthetic brush under the cabinet to never see the light of day again! Great brush, I would pay twice what Rod is charging for this High Quality synthetic brush (but thankful I didn't have to). And if you have bought the other name brand badger brushes or synthetic brushes you know what they cost. The Kong feels good in the hand, smooth on the face, and cleans up with 3 flicks of the wrist! Keep up the good work Rod, you and Amanda have a line of products that you can be very proud of. My family loves the soap and I love the shave products. on 4th Jan 2016

    7. An Absolute Steal

      If you don't mind a very, very minor logo scratch (my choice) or having no logo on the brush, there's no reason whatsoever to not buy this brush. You save $7 (30%) on what's already a good deal. The fibers are the softest I've used in any brush, with only Simpson super badger hair being comparable but costing several times as much. Unlike certain brushes, like some silvertip badger hair brushes, that give up backbone for softness, this brush has excellent backbone. You'll have no problems with hard soaps or face lathering with this brush. Do yourself a favor and add this brush to your cart, I seriously doubt you'll regret it. on 18th Dec 2015

    8. My #1 brush!

      This brush excels in all aspects, builds a quick, luxurious lather. on 24th Nov 2015

    9. Fantastic!

      I have owned and have been using this brush daily now for weeks and it is a treat, lathers like a champ, needs no soak time, dries fast and feels very luxurious on your face, really really nice brush. Synthetics don't hold heat like a badger brush but that is a small price to pay, oh yea, the price to pay is a joke for such a great brush. on 22nd Nov 2015

    10. Factory seconds just as good.

      I just got my brush today. Missed out on the first wave cuz I thought they would last a while , but sold out so I got one with a scratched logo. Hmmmm there was barley a scratch at all. Beautiful brush. I just got through shaving with it and some stirling spice soap ( I still love old spice) And MAN O MAN, what lather what feel OMG! This brush just dusted my L'occitane brush. We have a new BRUSH OF THE GODS........The stirling 26mm synthetic brush, aka THE KONG! on 31st Jul 2015

    11. Uhh, hurry and get it

      There is no reason what so ever to not buy this brush at $20. Huge, soft, face lathers great, bowl lathers great. This brush will replace your $100 badger brush. I got this brush in and it came with an extra margaritas in the artic soap sample. Great company, great products, great prices. I will never buy another soap until I try all of their scents. on 27th Jul 2015

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