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Feather Razor Blades (1 pack of 10 blades)

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    This includes 1 package of 10 Feather double-edge razor blades.

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    1. Great razors

      tl;dr: These razors are phenomenal. 5/5, definitely will buy again.

      When I was looking at the various razors that Stirling sells, I was concerned about the comparatively low price. But these razors do as good, if not better, of a job than its Gillette counterparts. 5/5, definitely will buy again.
      on 11th Feb 2018

    2. Feather Blades

      Theses Blades are very sharp. My shave is very smooth, go slow. Very good shave, use a slick shave soap. on 4th Dec 2017

    3. Nothing to be afraid of!

      I was uncertain if I wanted to try these blades because, as others here have pointed out, they have a reputation on the internet as being dangerous. Yes, they are very sharp but if you wield them with respect, they may give you the best shave of your life. After going through 4 other brands with mixed results, Feathers are the best for my face. In fact, I am much LESS likely to cut myself with these blades than others because of how little resistance to hair they experience. Try em out! on 14th Apr 2017

    4. Feather blades are where it all got even better

      When I first started wet shaving I heard all the hype about how these blades can be so sharp and scary. i think it is good that we hear all the horror stories cause the first thing it does, is warn us to take our time and work on our technique when trying these blades, it does not take long and we turn into masters of wet shaving using these. Like a Samurai :D... I myself have never been cut by a Feather blade. Most likely the smoothest blade there is for me and everyone I ever gave a feather blade to they loved them too. on 12th Aug 2016

    5. what can I say?

      They're feathers they're one of the sharpest if not THE sharpest blades out there. They'll either work wonderfully for you or they'll turn your face into hamburger. I enjoy them and worked my way into them, I wouldn't recommend them for novices or people with acne/skin bumps. If you use a good soap like Stirling and practice good technique you won't feel any burn or irritation. Having said that I used a nasty Treet blade and burned and scalped my face, I used a feather the next day and it was like a massacre. I don't blame the feather for it, if you're going to use feathers I would suggest sticking to feathers or other high quality blades. I can use Astra SP's and feathers back and forth without incident. on 11th Jul 2016

    6. Best Shave I've ever had

      This is the best razor I've every had in my life smooth close clean on 14th Mar 2016

    7. Very Sharp.

      Very Sharp! Enough Said! on 29th Oct 2015

    8. Don't fear the razor

      I was scared to try these blades. All the videos and reviews I came across spoke reverently of the intense sharpness and I'll admit I was intimidated. The thing is, I have very sensitive skin, especially on my neck and my hair is very course and curly. I have tried a ton of razors looking for something that wouldn't tug when I got to my neck but wouldn't open an artery or make me look like a lobster. I gave these a chance and man, am I glad I did. I took it slow and got a fantastic shave right out of the gate. Don't be afraid...TRY THEM, at least you'll know. I'm so glad I did. on 14th Sep 2015

    9. Love these blades!

      I have tried several brands but this one works the best for me. Sharp but doesn't cut my face up. Usually get 6 to 8 great shaves from each blade. This is the only blade for me! on 30th Jul 2015

    10. work like a charm

      I had only used DE razors from CVS and Dollar General prior to trying Feathers. HUGE difference. Much less irritation. And they're actually cheaper. So, this is really a no-brainer. on 19th May 2015

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