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Finest Badger Shave Brush - 26mm


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Total Brush Weight- Black: 82g
Total Brush Height - Black: 4.055in
Knot Diameter - Black: 26mm
Knot Height - Black: ~54mm
Total Brush Weight - Ivory: 84g
Total Brush Height - Ivory: 4.212in
Knot Diameter - Ivory: 26mm
Knot Height - Ivory: ~58mm
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    We are extremely pleased to be able to offer this finest grade badger brush after nearly a year of testing different companies, handles, lofts and knot densities. It's the densest brush we carry, but not so dense that it won't give up the lather. It has backbone, but not so much backbone that it's unpleasant. The tips on this brush are far above the price range, and the brush just lathers like a champ.

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    1. I just had a life changing shave.

      I can not say enough good things about this brush, or Stirling soaps. I am a convert for life. Let me start by saying this brush is exceptionally soft. I didn't think there was something softer than the Plisson, and oh my god this is. It's a cloud on a handle, feels like heaven. Face lathers like a dream, and this is coming from a bowl latherer (when using synthetics). This is my first and only animal hair brush for the time, I figured if I wanted to try an animal hair brush, I wanted the best: a badger. I saw the Nick Shaves review of your brush and thought I'd be missing out if I didn't buy from you. I didn't know what "scritch" meant until I used this brush, my Plisson is scritchy compared to this hot white (or black) desire. I could have just left it at that, but I also generously received a sample with my brushes (one for me, one for my brother) which was Frankincense & Myrrh. This stuff is awesome in the weirdest way. It smells weirdly Earthy and spicy, but I love it, and it created what I would call a miraculous lather. I've never felt anything so slick and protecting. I was shaving over the same stretches of skin over and over, just with the soap's residual slickness, and I felt no burn or stinging, like my face was being scraped raw. It was comfortable the whole way through, finished off with Aqua Velva Ice Blue and I was in shaving nirvana. That's the best shave I've ever had. Seriously. You guys are firing on all cylinders, I'm happy I finally got to try your products. I'm having a total fangasm over your brand. PS: The post shave on the soap is good too. My face feels moisturized and nice, even after applying an alcohol splash. This is also the slickest soap I've used, bar none. This Finest Badger is my best brush by a mile. For some reason, Williams smells like (to my nose) a very dumbed down version of Frankincense & Myrrh. on 7th Dec 2016

    2. I am Stunned!

      I am completely stunned by this brush! My wife is stunned by this brush! Ha! It's so awesome that we both laughed when I conditioned it for first use. It's as big as my face! (Ivory version) The absolute finest badger brush I've ever even seen, let alone used. It is massively dense with hairs...very thick and bushy. The one in the pic on the site is its condition right out of the box and not yet used. It grows twice that big after an overnight soak in lather. No animal smell at all. Totally worth the loot spent and want to buy one for my friends and family. It's like a joke it's so full and lush. Great top product, Rod and Mandy! DO NOT stop selling this one. on 5th Dec 2016

    3. best shave brush!

      Great brush on 24th Nov 2016

    4. Hits the Sweet Spot

      This is my first badger brush (own a synthetic RazorRock) and I just love it. It is a lather machine and very soft on the face after you break it in (which doesn't take long). It offers the right amount of backbone and is the perfect size for me. You can't go wrong with this brush at this price point. Thanks Stirling! on 20th Nov 2016

    5. Nice Brush

      This is a very nice brush at a fantastic price! The knot hasn't lost a single hair. Great backbone combined with soft tips makes it a pleasure to use. The only ding I have is the handle. For such a large brush, the handle could be a bit longer but YMMV. Solid 4.5/5. Thanks on 8th Nov 2016

    6. Better than expected!

      Took a chance on this brush because of the price. Believe me, this brush under a different name, would cost three times the price Sterling is selling it for.
      If you are looking for a silver tip badger, consider this one. I love the 26mm knot. Well worth the money. I like it so well that I bought my son one for Christmas.
      on 8th Nov 2016

    7. Love this brush

      I've been using an Omega boar for the last couple of months. It came with my starter DE kit and it worked very well, but I wanted to try a badger without breaking the bank. When I first got it, I immediately noticed how much more dense the knot was. Holy @#$%, it's plush, and the handle feels great in my hand (it's girthy, meowww). I couldn't wait to try it so I did a test lather with some Executive Man and it was incredible. It whipped it into shape quickly on my face, and kept giving me lather on subsequent applications. I couldn't be happier on 8th Nov 2016

    8. Bang for your Buck

      This brush gives a fantastic return on your investment. I recommend it as an extremely good value for your money. I have the RazorRock Synthetic Plissoft, the Stirling Synthetic Kong, the RazorRock Boar Blondie and the Omega 11150 Boar - but I keep reaching for the Stirling Finest 26 mm Badger. on 6th Nov 2016

    9. Goldilocks knot

      This 26mm brush is my second badger brush from Stirling. It fits great in my hand and the the knot is perfect for me. It offers soft tips with just the right amount of backbone. Great quality at a great price! on 3rd Nov 2016

    10. Pretty Great Brush

      When I first received my Stirling Finest Badger brush I wasn't all that impressed; it didn't seem terrible, but what was all the fuss about? Then I did a few hand-lathers to dispense with the funky badger smell, and I started to get it.

      Now that I'm a few shaves in, I'm very impressed. The brush is super soft, creates a TON of lather, has enough backbone for face-lathering, dries quickly, and was pretty cheap!

      What else do you need to know? If you're on the fence, buy it. You won't regret it.
      on 1st Nov 2016

    11. Great brush

      I own several badger brushes. This is by far the best of them all. I love the size. It's the largest badger brush I own. Perfect amount of backbone combined with softness. Super value for a badger brush. on 31st Oct 2016



    13. amazing brush!!!!

      I don't write many reviews but this brush deserves one. This is one of my top go to brushes. I get some of the best lathers ever with this brush. Great backbone and the soft tips are amazing! This is a great addition to any shave den. on 26th Oct 2016

    14. This is a phenomenal brush

      Amazing lather generation with all my soaps. Love the soft tips and the backbone which is comparable to my Semogue boars. An excellent product at a very fair price. on 25th Oct 2016

    15. unbelievable brush

      Not only is this a beautiful brush, but it is now my favorite brush. Very soft tip and plenty of backbone for face lathering. Not so much that it doesnt splay easily. Feels lovely on the face. I bought another one for my nephew whos birthday is in april now for fear something might change. I have many badger brushes, mostly silvertips, that cost over three Times what this brush cost and i like this one better. I cant recomend it more strongly. Holds plenty of water, loads my soaps easily, and doesnt hog the lather. Get one you will love it. on 22nd Oct 2016

    16. The Best for Less!

      As with the original 24mm Badger, this is another hit! The backbone is excellent and the tips are very soft as advertised. Once in use, the brush blooms immediately without been a lather hog. The handle is awesome and a perfect size.

      I own some very expensive brushes, but this brush is a game changer at a great price point.

      If you are new to wet shaving and are looking for a nice brush, of excellent quality, at a great price, look no further.

      I also own the 26mm Ivory and with a higher loft is even nicer.
      on 20th Oct 2016

    17. Two of my three top brushes are these

      I have a bunch of brushes, though of course I have my favorites. Of my three favorites, one is the Stirling Finest 26mm Ivory Handle and one of the other three is the Stirling 26 mm Black Handle. on 20th Oct 2016

    18. WOW!!!!!!!!

      I cant believe how quality this brush is ( yes Ican it came from sterling soap company) ounce again you hit it like the long I got from you. keep up the goodwork p.s. I know youwill on 19th Oct 2016

    19. Great Brush at a Great Price

      I like everything about this brush. Not too big, not too small, feels good in the hand. Holds lather well and has good backbone for a badger. At this price you can't go wrong. I have only used it once but so far so good. on 19th Oct 2016

    20. Excellant Quality Brush

      Full head, big handle that I like, creats thick soap to shave with, Excellant product on 15th Oct 2016

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