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Lemon Chill Witch Hazel & Aloe - 200ml


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Ingredients: Witch Hazel, Aloe, Distilled Water, Polysorbate, Essential Oil, Menthol
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    Zesty lemon with the cool of menthol. A perfectly icy finish to any shave.

    **PLEASE NOTE: This product now comes in a 200ml Amber PLASTIC bottle with a flip-top cap.

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    1. Lemon Chill Witch Hazel

      Quite simply the finest post shave product I have ever used. on 10th Dec 2017

    2. Superb.

      Wonderful cooling splash, the scent is good for the morning, and perfect for this hot summer. on 16th Aug 2017

    3. ICE, ICE BABY!!!

      I've always used an alum block post shave but since I was placing an order for some other Stirling products I thought I'd give their witch hazel a try. I'm a big fan of citrus scents and menthol and this product does not disappoint. Great lemon scent combined with cooling menthol and soothing aloe has made me forget I ever used an alum block. I'm a head shaver and when I apply Lemon Chill to the dome it feels like I've stuck my head in a bucket of ice water! That awesome cooling sensation lasts for several minutes too! If you like the cold burn of menthol, you're going to love this product. on 13th Aug 2017

    4. Very refreshing and soothing!

      I was pleasantly surprise the first time I used it after shaving. It soothes the face after a nice shave. I will be buying this product again. on 20th Apr 2017

    5. Nice Product!

      I love using this post shave! The menthol kick is nice and the lemon scent is there but dissipates real fast. I find this witch hazel to pair up with alot of different scents as well. Great way to start your day! Nice fresh feel with a clean lemon scent to it. Good feel post shave :) on 29th Jan 2017

    6. Frozen Lemonade

      Great stuff. Scent is dead on the Glacial, Lemon Chill soap. I have primarily switched only to using Stirling's witch hazel over other brands. Love this stuff. I also own MITA and Orange Chill. You can't go wrong picking one of these up. on 12th Dec 2016

    7. Lemon Chill is the Best

      I'm not big into skincare products but I got a sample of Lemon Chill in a shave club shipment. Now it is my go to product. Love the way it makes my skin feel and the smell is refreshing and not overwhelming. Must have for men! on 29th Jun 2016

    8. Perfect skincare, great scent and freeze!

      I'm really surprised that it's not refered to as Glacial Lemon Chill because there is so much freezing-cold menthol in this stuff. The scent is exactly as Rod described it - fresh, tangy lemon and a split second after applying it you get just about floored with its POWERFUL menthol effect which lasts and lasts. This witch hazel is now an official part of my HUGE rotation and when I finish this bottle I'll buy another one immediately because I LOVE it! on 6th Apr 2016

    9. Insane Menthol

      I've tried a few witch hazel / aloe post shave products, and this one was one of the best. The smell was pleasant, and the effects on my skin were incredible. But just like in the review of the Glacial, Lemon Chill shaving soap, the menthol levels were way too much for me.

      As I stated in my other review, I really like menthol in most of my shaving products. But when I was done with my shave and put this on, I almost immediately had to wash it off because the burning was so intense.

      However, I must say, my skin felt incredible once the burning subsided, and I fully intend on purchasing the non-mentholated products from Stirling.
      on 1st Jan 2016

    10. great product

      Just what I was looking for.
      Great smell, very refreshing.
      on 1st Nov 2015

    11. Nice...

      Like the other Witch Hazel products this one is a delight. A great lemon scent that is not overpowering. I paired it with the lime preshave oil and smell is very pleasant. on 1st Nov 2015

    12. Aptly Named And A Great After Shave!

      I think the very first time I heard of this Stirling product was on a shaving blog by the leisure guy. He liked it, described & rated it favorably, so looking for something different I placed an order. Personally, it's either got to have a very nice scent OR I have to...feel it, you know the pleasantness of applying it to my face after shaving. Especially so if it wasn't one of my better shaves. This Lemon Chill is EXACTLY what's in the bottle. It's very non-greasy, it doesn't sting sensitive skin like mine, has a wonderful scent that's not particularly long lasting although it does take a few minutes before the full effect (the feel) of the chill comes on. But for me it's not over powering and it's very...pleasant as well as something I look forward to using. And really is a bargain as a little goes a long ways. This has been such a nice, well used purchase I'm already making plans for Christmas gifts of Stirling products as well as ordering a different scent for my rotation in the very near future and to give my bottle of Lemon Chill a needed break. Thumbs up on this one!!! on 12th Oct 2015

    13. Part of my routine...

      I use Lemon Chill Witch Hazel & Aloe after every shave. PERIOD! Alum is too harsh for my skin. This stuff feels wonderful. Just the right level of menthol soothes the skin for a follow up dose of my favorite (Stirling) splash and/or balm. It definitely could be likened to 'Halls' for your face. on 8th Jun 2015

    14. Love the lemon!

      Great splash. Just enough lemon without being overpowering. The witchhazel and aloe do a great job of soothing the skin after your shave.. on 26th Feb 2015

    15. Wow

      This feels like a cough drop tastes. 10/10 would strongly recommend. on 14th Dec 2014

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