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Margaritas in the Arctic Witch Hazel & Aloe - 200ml


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Ingredients: Witch Hazel, Aloe, Distilled Water, Polysorbate, Essential Oil, Menthol
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    I can’t taste this Margarita. Probably because I’m drinking it while sitting buck-naked on top of a glacier at the north pole. My skin feels wonderful, though… 

    **PLEASE NOTE: This product now comes in a 200ml Amber PLASTIC bottle with a flip-top cap.

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    1. Great post shave experience!

      Used this after shaving with MITA (glacial) soap. I'm a big fan of Witch Hazel, but am now an even bigger fan of Witch Hazel with Aloe and Menthol! This provided a great aftershave experience. The scent is wonderful sharp, clean and citrusy, and lasted awhile post shave. This felt fantastic on my skin as it cooled, hydrated my skin and left my face feeling clean. I'm a big fan of menthol as it provided a continuing cooling experience on a hot and humid Missouri day. on 4th Sep 2017

    2. Awesome Splash!!

      Love this splash! Nice clean feel post shave with no burn. Very nice menthol addition and the scent is very strong. Lasts a while and I also like to use this after every shower. Fresh clean scent with good face feel. on 29th Jul 2017

    3. Can't go wrong with MITA!

      I love the MITA line of products and this product just proves that. Very cooling and refreshing on the face. I try to use Witch Hazel after every shave just because I love it. I do miss the glass bottles that they use to come in but you now get double the amount of witch hazel so no complaints. If you love the MITA soap, you will absolutely love this!!

      on 25th Jun 2016

    4. Not a drinker...

      This is one of my favorite Stirling scents. With so many great scents this one stands out for me. A very good blend of citrus and menthol which neither overwhelming the other. I have started getting just 100ml bottles so I have a variety of scents to choose from. I use these witch hazel and aloe mixes for all my facial needs. Great as an aftershave or even for a bedtime or morning cleansing routine. I have seen a significant change on my face especially pimples, witch (see what I did there? didja?) have practically disappeared altogether.

      You cannot go wrong with the Stirling witch hazel and aloe line and there will be a scent or two that you will enjoy.
      on 12th May 2016

    5. Great stuff!

      I love the scent and the menthol blast of this AS. This is great for burn, icy cold for 10-15 minutes, and soothing witch hazel and aloe. Leaves a nice finish when dry.
      Love it!
      on 31st Mar 2016

    6. Awesome Product

      I love the scent and the menthol cooling effect, which is a bit delayed until that kicks in. Great face feel, moisturizing, cooling and soothing. I love all the Margaritas in the Arctic products and I have the balm, witch hazel, the aftershave splash and the bath soap. The scent is nice and citrusy and lasts a good while. This is one of my favorite Stirling scents. Everyone who likes citrus products and menthol should definitely have this in their rotation. Thanks for all the great products, Rod and Mandy! on 6th Feb 2016

    7. A Cool, Refreshing Toner

      I ordered this along with the matching shaving soap while I was on vacation in Florida and I really wish I had done so before my trip. The cooling methol in both products would have been very refreshing against the unseasonably hot, humid weather down there. It's not 'eye-watering-strong' like Fine Accoutrements Snake Bite aftershave, but strong enough to last a while. The margarita scent is sweet and citrusy and would have been appropriate too. While in Florida I used PAA 'The Beach' instead which was nice, but I'll definately use these two next time--or whenever it decides to warm up around here in Michigan. on 26th Jan 2016

    8. Glacial?

      Got this pretty recently in 250ml form. Based on scent profile and level of menthol, both nearly identical to the glacial lemon chill balm I have, I think I may have gotten a mislabeled bottle.

      Either way, this is an excellent way to wrap up a citrusy shave. I love these witch hazel & aloe products. Wonderful mix of astringent and moisturizer, strength of scent and menthol are both right where I like them. Another excellent Stirling product.
      on 29th Oct 2015

    9. always used thayers witch hazel

      All I can say was that I tried this product since I have enjoyed some of the other Sterling soaps and After Shave balms. I really liked the light scent, it was not overpowering and the coolness of the menthol was a different experience for me. My face felt clean and refreshed, I liked it. on 10th Sep 2015

    10. My favorite way to end a shave

      I have never liked alcohol-based aftershaves; the burning feeling is just unpleasant. I do like to cool off my face after shaving, though, so I use non-alcohol-based products. Having used another brand of scented witch-hazel-based splashes, I was eager to try Stirling's versions. This Margaritas in the Arctic is a great combination of soothing and cooling. The scent is great but it doesn't overstay its welcome, while the cooling of the menthol actually does persist for a while. on 14th Aug 2015

    11. Superb Product.

      Wow, didn't really know what to expect for this but I have to say this is truly great stuff. If you haven't already looked up the awesome properties of Witch Hazel and aloe I suggest you do so! It's great for the skin after a shave, locks it up tightly and makes it glow. There's a burn after you put it on but it's such an awesome burn, kind of like Sliding head down a glacier whilst getting repeatedly slapped in the face by snowmen who have lemons coated with Toothpaste in their hands......... Great product especially for oily skin types Now that I have it I don't know how I ever shaved without it. on 17th May 2015

    12. Not quite what i was expecting, but still great

      I have never used no smelled witch hazel, but I thought I would get some to improve my shave. This smells really close to the Margarita soap, a bit more "Citrusy" due to witch Hazel. It tightens and freezes your skin while healing cuts and irritation. The smell disappears after it dries, so you can finish with a cologne or balm.

      The Balm Smells exactly the same and the scent stays with you for hours.
      on 25th Dec 2014

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