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Oatmeal Shea Butter - Bath


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Ingredients: Beef Tallow, Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Distilled Water, Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Oatmeal, Shea Butter, Sodium Lactate
Bar Size: ~5.5oz
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    Made with ground oatmeal and pure, unrefined Shea Butter from Ghana. This handmade, natural soap is not only an excellent source of needed moisture for your skin, but it also acts as an exfoliating scrub to leave your skin feeling wonderfully smooth. (Unscented)


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    1. Nice soap!

      I enjoyed using this soap! I tried the honey one as well and I didn't care for it as much as the unscented one. Its was a bit sweet but this version I like a lot better! Its loaded with Shea butter for sure. Nice post shower feel! Moisturized and clean feel real good after your done. The oatmeal does make this soap a bit aggressive but I like that. Helps exfoliate the skin real nice. Real nice soap thank you Stirling! on 15th Nov 2017

    2. Unscented and nice

      I previously received a free sample slice of Honey Oatmeal Shea Butter soap and liked it. Ordered this one so there was no scent to interfere with other products. Feels and works great. A little goes a long way. My wife loves it too.

      I think I prefer the scent of the one with honey but my wife likes this one much more. I will probably try and alternate between them.
      on 6th Sep 2017


      I bought this soap multiple times for my wife, daughters, relatives, and a couple of female friends. They all "LOVED, ADORED, BEST SOAP I EVER USED" and etc. Guess it is good, never used it myself as my wife removes it form the shower after she uses it so I have to use my own. Oatmeal with raisins tastes pretty good and is slick going down the throat and makes the stomach feel pretty good so should be good on skin. on 27th Jul 2017

    4. Love this soap

      This soap is great. Both my wife and I have been using it for a couple weeks. The oatmeal gives it a very exfoliating effect, that can actually kind of hurt if you're too aggressive with the bar LOL Feels good, cleans well, and seems to be disappearing at a slower rate than a few other Stirling bath soaps I've been using. I think this one's on my short list for re-order. on 13th Jun 2017

    5. My daily soap

      I really love the oatmeal in the soap, it has an awesome exfoliating effect that I appreciate. I will absolutely be buying this soap again. on 9th May 2017

    6. Scrub-a-dub dub

      This is my wife's favorite bar soap, she says her skin has never felt better and loves the natural exfoliating of the oatmeal. on 18th Feb 2017

    7. Exceptional!

      Great soap, great for the skin leaves it looking good and feeling great also the scent is not overpowering. on 14th Sep 2016

    8. One of my favs

      Great go to bath bar. Smells good, but the reason it's a keeper is because of the feeling it leaves on my skin. Great exfoliation and smooth hydrated feeling. on 3rd Jun 2015

    9. Makes my skin feel great!

      Love the OSB bath soap. It's unscented, so no issues with fragrance allergies or clashing with your perfume/cologne/aftershave. Real simple ingredient list, love the inclusion of shea butter (moisturizer) and oatmeal (mild exfoliant). May get the honey OSB next time but this is definitely a winner! on 12th Apr 2015

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