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Open Comb Razor Head

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Material: Chrome-plated Zinc Alloy
Weight: 25g
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    1. very smooth

      Because I only shave every other day I was getting a lot of tugging and pulling with the other three razors that I have tried, at least on the first pass and against the grain. (One was an EJ89 and two different slants) The end result has been, well inconsistent to say the least. So I bought this open comb razor and for the price, you can't beat it. It gives me a nice smooth shave, from the first pass to the last. It's a close and consistent shave. I couldn't be happier with this razor head. on 3rd Feb 2018

    2. materials

      The shave is great! Less passes, closer shave, more lather meets the blade. I just wish the materials weren't potted metal. My last head snapped off at the screw. on 12th Jan 2018

    3. Open Comb Razor Head

      As I have two other Stirling Open Comb Razor Heads and have had excellent results from them, I ordered just the head alone to fit my 1904/1906 Merkur, Number 90 41 001, razor that gave a poor shave from the start. Very poor blade angle. The head switch worked for me and it can work for you. As a result, all my hardware will be purchased from Stirling from now on. on 12th Oct 2017

    4. Smooth & Mild

      I like this razor head! I used this head on another brand that offered a closed comb design but I would get a crazy amount of nicks or razor burn with it. I noticed with this head it's a very mild design then what I had before but I could use some VERY sharp blades with no issues at all and I can shave very fast without any issues. I have used Gillette Silver Blues, Feathers, Gillette Yellow Sharpedges, and Astra SP no problem. With feathers I get a really close shave and paired with stirling soaps I don't get any issues with razor burn or bumps. Even areas around my chin where I may be breaking out I very rarely bleed. The other blades feel like butter running across my face. No razor burn or weird looking rashes either under my neck. When I tried Gillette 7 o clock super stainless this head did give me some pull/tug on it. Tried a new blade and same thing. For me I have to use the sharpest blades possible with this mild head but sharp blades with a mild open comb head like this has given me the best shaves so far.

      The head is very smooth going across my face and the blade sits real tight on the head. One thing I don't care for is the width of the head doesn't match up with the blade itself but it's not that big of a deal. I do like how it doesn't scrape all the lather away and I can also get more of the lather inside the blade which makes my shave that much more smooth. Night and day...this so far (and I'm a bit new to wet shaving) has been the best razor head I have used so far. One thing to also note is make sure you thread the head tight. But if you want to up the aggressiveness on this head just turn your handle loose a bit and you can hear it cutting a lot more. What I like to do is do WTG, then XTG, with a final light pass ATG but with the handle a bit loose to really get that BBS. I will normally just loosen the handle up for that aggressive shave on my face and leave my neck alone. With this head 2 passes under my neck is DFS. No need to chase BBS to compromise how your neck looks or feels post shave. Sensitive area for me so to each their own.

      Overall I like this head and will keep it for travel or whenever I don't want that real aggressive shave. Also another thing to note I found is getting the angle on this blade is very easy. You can hear the blade cutting and you can also see how it's going across your face. If I see rake marks on my lather I'm off on my angle. Tilt it out a bit and try again. Real nice head for sure! Hopefully stirling will make razor setups for us here soon!

      on 18th Jan 2017

    5. Much Better Shave

      I had ordered one of Stirling's safety razors before and was not impressed with the quality of the shave I got at all. When I saw that they were offering new Razor Heads it made me realize that they understood that those razors were not up to our standards or theirs. I decided to go with the open comb because it's suppose to give a closer shave than the close comb razors do or at least that is what most of the feedback I got online said. Shaving with this Head reminded me of using my Merkur 34c...You really can't take a bad angle with it and no matter how good or bad your technique is your gonna get a nice shave. You really have to tighten this head down a lot to get it on their tight but I think that is because of the open comb angle. I like seeing that they are venturing more into the hardware side of shaving on 30th Oct 2016

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