2-Band Finest Badger Shave Brush - 24mm x 53mm (Butterscotch)
Stirling Soap Company

2-Band Finest Badger Shave Brush - 24mm x 53mm (Butterscotch)

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We're pleased to be able to offer our 2-band finest knots in the high density DPG knots. They still have amazing backbone and ridiculously soft tips our standard finest brushes are known for, but these come with a knot density you typically find in brushes selling for hundreds of dollars. They are pillowy soft and hold heat, water, and lather like no other brush we've used. 

Total Brush Weight: ~100g

Total Brush Height: ~4.81in

Knot Diameter: 24mm

Knot Height: ~53mm

 These brushes fit our Wide and Stainless Razor & Brush Stands.

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