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Sandalwood - Shave


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Ingredients: Beef Tallow, Stearic Acid, Distilled Water, Castor Oil, Potassium Hydroxide, Vegetable Glycerin, Fragrance Oil, Almond Oil, Shea Butter, Coconut Milk, Lanolin, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Lactate
Jar Size: ~5.8oz
Refill Puck Size: ~4.5oz
Sample Puck Size: ~1.0oz
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    A very woodsy and masculine Sandalwood blend. (Frangrance Oil)


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    1. Best Sandalwood scent I've used!

      In the past, other brands of sandalwood have not been one of my faves. Taylor of Old Bond Street's sandalwood fragrance is to harsh, in my opinion. Stirling's version is spicier and just a wonderful scent all around. It's regularly in my shave rotation. on 20th May 2017

    2. Sandalwood ?

      I was use to another product "sandalwood" smell.
      When I applied the soap to my skins the smell was awesome. The lather of the soap was amazing. I Love the product. I can't wait to try some other soaps. Thank you for producing such an exquisite product.
      on 18th May 2017

    3. great product at a great price

      Very easy to make a thick, rich lather, shaves great, and I get lots of compliments about how good I smell. on 17th May 2017

    4. Close but no cigar

      The only Stirling disappointment for me and it is truly small problem.
      The shaving experience is great; Stirling has a formula for making shaving soaps that work for the person shaving and just the corporate profit; and I appreciate that.
      The problem for me with this is that I expected more intense sandalwood scent, more lasting scent. Not a big problem since I now have 3-4 new Stirling scents to put into rotation, sandalwood just won't be one.
      on 27th Apr 2017

    5. smells great. i need to look at their body soap

      I'll be ordering again, very soon on 13th Apr 2017

    6. Best Sandlewood I've tried

      While I haven't tried a couple of the "top-drawer" sandlewood soaps, this one absolutely blows away any other I have tried. The scent is incredibly fresh and smells like real wood. Unbelievably nice. This is the sandlewood scent I've been looking for. As for performance - it's Stirling. Rich, slick lather that instantly produces with any brush. My den won't be without Stirling. Ever. on 28th Feb 2017

    7. Favorite Sandalwood Scent

      I'm new to wet shaving and after a lot of research on various soap companies I decided to try Stirling. The soap lathers really well and very easily. The scent of this sandalwood is so amazing, my favorite sandalwood that I have come across. on 26th Feb 2017

    8. Wow!

      5.8 ounces is a LOT of soap, $12.95 is an unbeatable price, and the performance is just outstanding. I have quite a few other products (many higher priced) that aren't going to get used any time soon! Find a scent you like and buy it, you won't be disappointed. on 25th Feb 2017

    9. Typical OUTSTANDING Stirling performance

      Since scent is highly subjective I will still give this a 5 star rating. The soap, like every Stirling product I have bought, exceeds expectations in performance. I try a sandalwood scent from every manufacturer I come across, this rendition was not what I was looking for. I stress what I was looking for since scent is so subjective. on 27th Jan 2017

    10. Wonderful aroma, lathers well.

      This soap is high quality. It protects and helps me get a smooth shave. Love the aroma. Does not dry out my face. I almost don't have to use balm after shaving. on 25th Jan 2017

    11. Very Masculine and Old School

      Great Sandalwood scent. Great soap. Slick, smooth as usual. Wife loves the smell. Very masculine and old school. Smell lasts on me about 12 hours. Medium puck will probably last me over a year when used alongside 1 other Stirling scented soap (Black Ice). I like it. on 24th Jan 2017

    12. One of My Staples

      Definitely near the top of my list. It smells wonderful and performs just as well. The scent is pretty straight forward sandalwood. It's a touch incense-y like a mild patchouli but a hair more masculine. It makes me think of a strong, progressive man - the guy in the office that isn't afraid to stray off of the beaten path but still takes care of himself. on 15th Jan 2017

    13. What's Not to Love?

      I'm in love with this soap. First and foremost, the performance is excellent. My town as hard water and I'm amazed at how easy it is to load and lather Stirling soaps! Just 15-20 seconds of swishing my badger brush loads enough soap for a three-pass plus cleanup shave.

      But I'm also crazy for this fragrance. It lasts a long time, and is strong without being overpowering. I've got the aftershave, and all I'm lacking is the balm, a deficiency I will correct shortly.

      One caveat: The soap does cause a burning sensation on my skin which lasts until I use a balm. It's somewhat like the burn of alcohol. I called Rod -- what an incredible commitment to customer service he has! -- to ask about this, and he said it's because of the synthetic sandalwood fragrance that affects about 5% of the population. Interestingly, he said that genuine sandalwood is so expensive, he'd have to change $60 a puck for if he used it exclusively. He also said there's less of it in his aftershave and balm.

      Rod recommended I stop using it, but I insisted that I'm going to continue with it because I like the scent so much, and the burn is really no big thing: I told him that the Thayer's witch hazel with alcohol causes the same amount of burn, and it's nothing I can't tolerate.

      So, if you like Sandalwood, you'll like this soap. I say, "Go for it!"

      on 12th Jan 2017

    14. Great lather

      This soap produces a really great lather with little effort. I have used different brushes and they all lather well and leave a nice slickness after each pass. The scent is pleasant. on 12th Jan 2017

    15. Great performance

      Stirling soaps are, as a group, top tier soaps. Easy to lather, thick, creamy cushion and unsurpassed slickness. The Sandalwood provides that full, masculine sandalwood scent without overpowering. Whether you're new to wet shaving or have used soap and brush for 50+ years, you cannot go wrong with this soap. on 6th Jan 2017

    16. Good soap

      This soap created the best suds with the least amount of work of any other brands I have used. Plenty of soap for multiple passes with the original brush load. I used a synthetic brush that didn't have a lot of backbone and it did great. The scent is very subtle though so I didn't give it 5 stars. All in all a really good soap and I am very pleased with the product and very fast shipping. on 30th Dec 2016

    17. mmmmm....sandalwood

      I love my stirling soaps. They arent super hard pucks, but they are lasting a very long time, offer great loading and lathering capability, provide great slickness and glide, and smell delicious! Sandalwood is a great scent and will be used regularly in my rotation. The sandalwood scent wont be for everyone though, its a unique scent that cant be explained using words. on 29th Dec 2016

    18. Good soap but problematic irritation

      I really like the scent of this soap. It is very similar to other sandalwood soaps I have used such as Lather and Wood's. Compared to that soap, I think this gives a smoother and slicker shave (as most Stiriling soaps). However, I can't get over the burning sensation that amplifies over the course of the shave. By the end, the sensation is similar to razor burn and is quite unpleasant. Looks like some others have had this problem while others haven't so it might not be a problem for you. I won't be using the soap again but gave it four stars for quality and scent, which are top notch. on 18th Dec 2016

    19. Great scent Great performance

      You know Sterling soaps perform great so that's a given. They all work the same, outstanding. As for the scent, the sandlewood is mild but smells great. I actually like the fact it's mild. The scent lasts for several hours. I recommend this and will buy again. on 6th Oct 2016

    20. Great Scent - Great Lather

      Very happy with the quality, scent and value of Stirling's Sandalwood Shave Soap. Going on 3 years as a loyal customer... on 16th Sep 2016

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