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Scots Pine Sheep Soap - Bath


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Ingredients: Mutton Tallow, Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Distilled Water, Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Lanolin, Essential Oil, Sodium Lactate
Bar Size: ~5.5oz
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    For those who find the scent of plain Sheep Soap to be disagreeable, we also offer a Scots Pine Sheep Soap (aka Scotch Pine, Pinus Sylvestrus). Scots Pine differs from normal pine oil in that it has a pleasing, woodsy aroma that is less obtrusive than oils found in cleaning products, and it has a touch of oakmoss to round out the blend. (Essential Oil & Mutton Tallow)


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    1. This Will Be My New Go To

      I have tried many of the Sterling bath soaps and liked them all. Then I tried this and it made all the others pale in comparison. In my opinion the scent is not too strong and certainly doesn't stick with you to interfere with other products you might use. I loved the lather, it felt so much creamier than the other soaps I have tried. I really love the way this soap feels. My next order will be comprised of this soap (I may try the unscented version as well) exclusively. on 5th Feb 2018

    2. Bah Bah, Pine Sheep! (love it!)

      I just received a sample of this brilliant bath soap with an order I had placed and what can I say - it's wonderful. I showered with it a few minutes ago and not only did I enjoy the scent, my skin feels so clean and well-moisturized. It smells sort of piney, yes, but in a very GOOD way and when you come out of the shower the scent is pretty well gone but the great skincare remains. Oh yes, Rod's bath soaps are every bit as fantastic as his shaving soaps! on 31st Aug 2017

    3. Powerful, jarring, yet somehow intriguing

      Like many reviewers, I found that the scent isn't exactly what I'd imagined. The earthy notes are quite strong, but they're nearly overwhelmed by the pine, creating an almost overpowering, yet somehow intriguing scent which smashes you in the face the instant water hits the soap. The sensation is so jarring the first time you sud up the wash rag, you think you're going to absolutely HATE it, but then you grit your teeth for a lathering, and by the time you hit the beltline, there is no shower. There are only ancient pines, moss thicker than 60's shag carpet, and pounding rain. You see, hear, and smell... EVERYTHING. Even the deer tip-toeing not twenty yards away. Dinner perhaps? But all too soon, it's over, and you're rinsing your wash rag. The forest is gone, leaving you refreshed, but missing something you never knew you didn't have. You think the sheep tallow might not have been good enough for your hard water, but the moment you towel off, your skin feels like you just pillaged the wife's body lotion. No, Scots Pine Sheep isn't sophisticated, and no, it sure as hell isn't some snowflake's fruity imitation of masculinity. It's about as unsubtle as soap gets. If you take pride in your case of bubblegum-strawberry-cream-musk body wash, you'd better move along. However, if you laugh at Vegans with a mouth full of streak-burger covered in brisket and wrapped in bacon and happen to be packed for a week of hunting about fifty miles beyond GPS or cellular range, ya might wanna pick up a few bars. on 27th May 2017

    4. Tallow and lanolin goodness

      It has a slightly base odor that isn't the Scots Pine or Oakmoss, but it isn't offensive, and the way this soap makes my skin feel is totally worth it anyway. Instead of dry and itchy, my skin is soft and smooth when I step out of the shower. It's much better than the readily available product at the drug store. 10/10, would buy again. on 22nd Feb 2017

    5. great soap, yet almost non existent scent

      I love the way it feels, just wished it had a bit more scent to it. even during the use, you can barely smell it. on 21st Feb 2017

    6. The best!!

      I've used many artisan bath soaps, I can say without doubt that Scots Pine Sheep blows everything away!! The lather or suds that this bar soap offers is above and beyond what everyone else is doing.
      The scent is awesome. The price is even better. So much better I just ordered another bar. I'd like to tell you not to buy a bar so I can have it all. But that would be mean.
      on 21st Jan 2017

    7. Great soap!

      This soap has a wonderful scent. This is the most moisturizing bar soap that I have found. Even much better than mitchell's wool fat bath soap. This soap lathers easily and one bar will last for a really long time. on 3rd Dec 2016

    8. Fantastic Fragrance

      I feel like I am taking a shower in the middle of a refreshing pine forest. Great lather and just a wonderful feeling of clean and smooth skin. It's awesome like every other Stirling Soap I have used. I won't use anything else. on 29th Oct 2016

    9. Skin Never Felt So Good

      I really like Stirlings sheep tallow and lanolin products. This soap lathers great and cleans very well without drying my skin. Nice pleasing pine scent too. I'll always keep some on hand. I use and recommend the Scots Pine Shave too. on 20th Oct 2016

    10. BEST Soap I've Encountered

      I'm older now and my doctor prescribed a good bath soap with lanolin in it for my skin. Hmm... hard to find. I came to Sterling Soap since I had used a few of their shaving pucks in the past. This soap, made with sheep tallow and lanolin, has healed my skin after years in the sun and wind. It lathers really well and I feel clean afterward, something that many other soaps cannot accomplish for some reason. I love the scent also - very refreshing! The bars seem a little costly at first, but they're well cured and last a long time - well worth the cost. on 6th Sep 2016

    11. Great way to take a shower

      I had never given the concept of artisan bath soap much thought until Rod included a sample of one of their soaps with my first shaving supplies order. I tried it and was hooked and ordered several of the bath soaps. We have a homemade sauna with an outdoor shower and these soaps complete the experience. I really like the Scots Pine sheep... the scent is great and I really believe in the skin benefits of the lanolin/mutton tallow combination. on 24th May 2016

    12. Amazingly nourishing on Skin

      I have a skin condition. There, I admitted it. Having Cystic Acne and Folliculitis was a huge drain on my ego. A few years back I started caring for my skin and as time went on and products were tried I was never satisfied...

      Until now.

      This soap was first sampled as a Shave Soap for me, it was unbelievably forgiving and nourishing for my skin, my face loved it and in no time just by shaving with it my skin began getting clearer and cleaner. As time went on I decided the shave soaps were so good, the bath soaps must be great too, right? RIGHT! The bath soaps are outstanding and this soap has made the biggest and most dramatic difference in my skin to date. To reiterate -- No product I've EVER tried has had the effect this product has on my skin, not even dermatology soaps.

      I think it has a lot to do with Stirling's plain whole ingredients, not ingredients manufactured in a lab by scientists.
      on 24th Aug 2015

    13. Great on the skin!

      Wow! I'm very pleased with performance of Scots Sheep Bath Soap. Appearently I have a sensitivity to today's chemical soaps that I never knew about. For years I have had trouble with dry itchy skin. I thought it was just something I would have to live with. Boy am I glad I decided to try sheep soap. No more irritation or itchy skin. I would have given this soap 5 stars if it wasn't for the scent. The pine is a little strong for me. It really reminds me of the pine cover scent I use deer hunting. A hand full of crushed yellow pine needles would be pretty close description of the scent as well. Great product as far as performance goes though! on 13th Apr 2015

    14. Outstanding Bath Soap!!

      I tried the Stirling Scots Pine Sheep Bath Soap for the first time about one year ago. It has outstanding skin conditioning and a great scent. I order it 3 bars at a time now. If you have not tried one of the Stirling Bath Soaps, you should!
      on 12th Feb 2015

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