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Sharp Dressed Man Post-Shave Balm


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Ingredients: Distilled Water, Witch Hazel, Aloe, Emulsifying Wax, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Glycerin, Myristyl Myristate (Co-Emulsifier), Grapeseed Oil, Refined Shea Butter, Fragrance Oil, Vitamin E, Optiphen Plus, Stearic Acid, Coconut Oil, Allantoin
Product Volume: ~4.0oz
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    Patterned after the famous Green Irish Tweed scent that was created for Cary Grant. This scent has been put to use by men like Robert Redford and Clint Eastwood, meaning this is what real men smell like, whether they're stepping out in a tuxedo like Redford, or making a canoe out of someone's forehead like Eastwood. I feel more masculine when I use this.… (Fragrance Oil)

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    1. Another great product from Stirling

      I have very tender skin, and as I have aged it has gotten thinner and more sensitive. Aftershaves with alcohol content have become a non-starter. I have used both Executive Man and now have used Sharp- dressed Man aftershave balm. Both are excellent at soothing razor burn, but I prefer the Sharp-dressed Man for its fragrance which lasts longer. Either is excellent for sensitive skin. on 3rd Feb 2017

    2. Stirling's balms are simply a MUST

      If you have sensitive skin like I do, Stirling's balms leave your skin feeling hydrated and silky smoothe, also the balms are much more friendly vs the alcohol based aftershaves. Top notch quality on 27th Jan 2017

    3. The Best

      Stirling Soap was recently shared with me by a long time friend. I had been using highly rated product from Amazon before this and was happy, but not overly ecstatic. I wanted product that did not smell like the outdoors and I did not want any powder smelling product either. Sharp Dressed Man and Executive Man were recommended - so I bought both along with the after shave balm for both. Both hit the nail on the head. Executive man has a more pronounced manly smell while Sharp Dressed is the subtle manliness. The all natural scents last the entire day. I bought both soaps in the puck so I can flip back and forth as desired. The lather is second to none, it beats the other guys products hands down and creates a wonderfully smooth shave. The after shave balm is really fantastic, it keeps my razor burn down wile smelling great. All the products from Stirling are top notch, I wish I had found them years ago. By the way, the misses really likes them as well!! on 26th Nov 2016

    4. Get it.

      This stuff is great so much that Stirling face balms will be all that I use from here on out. As others have mentioned a very little goes a long way. Nice smell not at all over powering the best is the post shave feel on my face. on 29th Oct 2016

    5. Luxurious

      This balm is luxurious!! After a good shave, the "sharp dressed man" makes my face feel wonderful. It smells great too. on 21st Oct 2016

    6. Fantastic Balm

      The ingredients that Rod puts in his balms are so good and wonderful, This balm is heaven. It's feels and smells so good on your face. All of Rods balms are Amazing. Smells exactly like the soaps and after shaves # 1 for sure. Top notch products that feel and smell beautiful. Rod is the man. I love Sterling... on 3rd Sep 2016

    7. A little goes a long way

      Great scent and very soothing. on 14th Aug 2016

    8. Love this product!

      After trying the soap, I had to get the splash. And how I could I NOT couple it with the balm. Great aroma. Wife loves it. Cannot go wrong with this unless you are not a Sharp Dressed Man. on 1st Jul 2016

    9. Sharp Dressed indeed!

      The necessary must have compliment to one of the most innovative and contemporary scents in the wet-shaving community. This really represents excellent value for money and lets you enjoy the fantastic scent of Sharp Dressed Man throughout the Day.

      The product moisturizes excellently and works very effectively as a post shave product in its soothing and smoothing properties. Additionally I found that you do not need to use a massive amount, merely an almonds worth gives you all day scent and performance.
      on 25th Jun 2016

    10. Great Balm

      I like the scent, smoothness of the product, the quick dry time and the fact that it leaves my skin non-oily and feeling smooth. My second order of several scents. I've found a new AS balm. on 17th May 2016

    11. Soothing and Rich!

      Like the others say... ONLY use a SMALL dab! I mistakenly treated this like other commercially available lotions - I had enough to make my whole face look like it was covered in white paint!(ok slightly exaggerating) Soaks in quickly and keeps my face feeling smooth! on 22nd Apr 2016

    12. Stirling Aftershave Balm, Bar None Are My Favorite!!!!!

      I have Psoriasis and Eczema and require a balm after every shave. This stuff absorbs quickly, doesn't irritate my skin and keeps my skin soft all day. I also own the Barbershop, Executive Man, Bay Rum and always have at least two unscented balms on hand at all time. It is nearing summer in Las Vegas where I live and I can't order balms when it's 100 degrees here. The balm will turn to warm soup. on 12th Apr 2016

    13. SDM Post-Balm

      This post-shave balm is amazing! A very little dap goes a long way leaving your face soothed, hydrated, and refreshed. There is a faint undertone of a pleasant scent, however true skin protection post shave is what I've been searching for and this product delivers! Thanks Sterling for producing yet another fantastic product. on 31st Mar 2016

    14. THis stuff is awsome

      Great feel, wonderful smelling product that stays with you most of the day without leaving a greasy feeling. makes the skin look young and fresh. on 6th Jan 2016

    15. Great After Shave Balm

      Like the pre-shave oil, this works great, and I have been told it smells great when I get the morning kiss out the door.

      Stiring Soap, you have a lifelong customer here!
      on 30th Dec 2015

    16. UNBEATABLE...just read the ingredient list

      It is funny, every time that I purchase a Stirling product I receive an email requesting a review which is silly because for me, this company is absolutely fantastic and they can do no wrong. With all of the purchases that I have made, never did I regret one of them....they are tops and when it comes to their balms and just to show you how much I love them, the balms that I own are as follows: Bay Rum, Sandalwood, Sharp Dressed Man, Unscented, Ben Franklin Barbershop, Mountain Man & Lime. This balm is really that good, especially for me, a Eczema and Psoriasis sufferer. on 15th Dec 2015

    17. 3 Bullets = 5 Stars

      > My nose likes how SDM Balm smells.
      > My face likes how SMD Balm takes care of the post-shave skin stress.
      > My wife likes how SDM smells.

      Note: Ascending order of importance.
      Sharp Dressed Man, like my other 4 Stirling Balms, is terrific.
      on 12th Nov 2015

    18. Terrific Balm! Terrific Scent!

      I have used a couple of Sterling balms and this is as stellar as the others I have tried. One needs less than the size of a pea in order to moisturize one's whole face and neck. The scent mirrors its soap counterpart perfectly, and leaves a lovely smooth, post-shave feel. I will purchase this product again! on 4th Oct 2015

    19. Great After Shave Rejuvenator - Moisturiser

      Really great After Shave Sensation. No Burn, Great Feeling. Smells Great... on 28th Sep 2015

    20. Nice balm

      This is the first shaving balm I have ever used, and I am not dissapointed! It has a very light smell to it, not over powering at all. The 2 oz. bottle I bought came completely PACKED. They certainly did not skimp on filling the bottle. The 2 oz. bottle will last a while because it only takes around a dime size little bit to cover my face and neck. It is a very dense cream. Shipping was very fast! It was supposed to arrive on Thursday and it was in my mail box on Monday!

      One thing that suprised me was after I put the blame on after shaving it warmed up my face. (Maybe the witch hazel?) Anyways, it wasn't expecting it so it did catch me off guard. Now that I know what to expect I look forward to it after my shave.

      The only negative thing I can say about this, is the same thing a previous reviewer said. And that is, it does have a somewhat kind of lotion-ey smell to it. I guess that is to be expected though looking at all the oils it has in it.

      Over all though, I would buy it again and I would recommend it to a friend!
      on 27th Sep 2015

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