Shave Soap



Our shave soaps will stand with any soap at any price, and will be slicker than anything on the market!  
Videos for lathering techniques can be found HERE.

    For one of the best shaves on the market at any price, pick up a puck of Stirling Shave Soap. With a lather that is easy to build, this soap provides a slickness that is unmatched! Made by hand in small batches, our shave soap is offered in 5.8oz Jars, 4.5oz Refill Pucks (3-in diameter), and 1.0oz Sample Pucks (3-in diameter). We guarantee that this soap will outlast a normal can of shaving foam or gel and leave you feeling silky smooth.

**NOTE: Our shave samples are three inches in diameter just like the full pucks. They will weigh between 20-30 grams.  They are a perfect fit for the small tins that can be found in the Hardware section.  

**NOTE: Refill and Sample pucks are wrapped in biodegradable plastic shrinkwrap and do not come with containers.  Please see our Shave Soap Containers page to purchase containers for these products.