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Size (small): Diameter: 3.125", Height: 1.125"
Size (medium): Diameter: 4.0", Height: 1.125"
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    These shave tins are perfect for storing and using your shave soaps and samples.  

    The Small (4oz) shave tin will fit a full-size puck perfectly while the sample puck will fill it 1/4 of the way.  

    The Medium (8oz) shave tin will fit both puck sizes with a larger diameter for those who prefer a larger swirl.

    NOTE: Shave soap and waterproof label do not come with the shave tin.  You are buying the tin only.

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    1. Perfect storage

      Bought this to place Stirling samples for storage. The samples fit great and are soft enough that they can be pressed with fingers to fill tin from edge to edge. This will be my sample tin for all future samples. on 22nd Jun 2017

    2. Fantastic sized tins for loading the brush

      These tins are a fantastic size and value.
      They make loading a brush so much easier due to the wize diameter of the tin. they are strong enough to hold in the hand without fear or crushing it and work fantastic whether you wish to simply split your existing soap into more than one tin, take a smaller amount for travel, or to place samples you've received into something larger for loading.

      I'll guarantee that more of these tins will be being purchased (by me) in the near future.
      on 8th Jun 2017

    3. perfect for refill pucks

      I bought several of these along with some refill pucks of the soaps. I press the refill puck into the tin and it fits nicely. Enough lip for easy swirling and no need to waste plastic. Not to mention re-usable. Highly recommend on 8th May 2017

    4. HEY, they work

      They work as specified and at a reasonable price. Good choice if you need to store stuff. on 27th Apr 2017

    5. Adequatr

      I've only really had two problems with these. First of all, my 4 oz. puck leaves no room at the top of the tin to put some water to let the soap bloom. Second, the sample pucks don't fit flush, and spin whenever I load my brush. However they do stack together nicely, and are a good compact size. on 19th Apr 2017

    6. Sample frenzy!

      These are great for all the samples you want to try out and makes the experience feel great. on 27th Feb 2017

    7. Perfect Little Tins

      The small tins are everything you would expect them to be and work and feel great. Getting a good lather with a sample puck is really easy because you have a good amount of space above the soap. on 26th Feb 2017

    8. it's a sturdy tin

      Sturdy tin. What can I say on 22nd Feb 2017

    9. Perfect for sample pucks

      Just as described and I carefully removed the label from sample puck and stick it the tin! on 21st Feb 2017

    10. Straightforward and useful

      These tins are great for their purpose. The only drawback to me is that they are a little thin and can be dented or bend easily. But for holding soap and loading, and all you need to do for shaving software, they are just fine. I would buy these again and probably will as I seem to collect soaps at a quick rate! on 15th Feb 2017

    11. Shavetins are great for sample pucks!!

      I got my shavetins to hold my sample soap pucks. Great quality metal and finish to the tin. Perfect room for loading a brush and building lather even in the tin. Only thing is.... once I used my first few Stirling shave soap samples, I realized that I love these soaps for the shave performance and will buy the regular size tubs... meaning I'll have to find another use for the tins unless I sample other scents. Love Stirling Soap! on 14th Feb 2017

    12. Nice and Simple

      Exactly what you would expect and is perfect for sample pucks. on 10th Feb 2017

    13. good size for refill pucks

      They work fine, but iI wish I had bought the plastic tubs instead. I have one that soap came iin and iI like it much better on 23rd Jan 2017

    14. Perfect for trying out different scents

      I bought five tins so I could test out five different scents and use them interchangeably and not have to wait until I finish one to use the next one. Once I finish testing out all of the scents I want to try and decide to get a larger size shave soap, I will probably just get a refill and continue to use the tin instead of the plastic tub. on 18th Jan 2017

    15. It Is What It Is

      Not much to say. They are metal cans. Quite perfect for a sample puck but that is all I've tried in them so far. Get a couple at least so you can have more than one scent ready to go at a whim's notice. on 15th Jan 2017

    16. small tins

      I bought a couple sample pucks and decided to buy some small tins to place them in just so I could store them better. Fantastic idea to sell tins with products! Great price too! Exceptionally great quality tins that a perfect for what they need to do. on 13th Jan 2017

    17. Does what it does, perfectly

      What is there to write about a tin made to hold a puck of delicious-smelling shave soap? These tins are priced right, shave soap fits perfectly, and that's it. Buy a couple to have on hand so you can have a few different shave soaps depending on your current mood. on 12th Jan 2017

    18. Shave Tin - Medium

      Very large. Made a travel kit out of it to hold my safety razor, shave brush, blades and drying bar for the brush. Put a waterproof Stirling label on the top. In the Dopp kit now for future use in travel. Sturdy, won't crush. on 4th Jan 2017

    19. large tins are great

      Price is right!
      Functionality and practicality is right!

      Can hold virtually 99% of all pucks made. Good for traveling. It will get dents and dings if banged around, but after all, it is a very simple and practical shave tin. I didnt buy it for aesthetics, i but it for traveling and storage.

      Works perfectly as intended
      on 29th Dec 2016

    20. Perfect tins to save space!

      These shave tins (the small size) are absolutely perfect for the samples that Rod and Mandy produce. They are also great space savers, as you don't have to use a full sized tub or mug to keep the samples in, and (along with the labels) it's easy to keep them labeled! Another home run from Stirling! on 16th Dec 2016

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