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Stainless Steel Handle DE Razor (DE3P7S)

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Total Weight: 105g
Total Height: 92mm
Handle Weight: 75g
Handle Height: 85mm
Handle Material: Stainless Steel
Head Material: Chrome-plated Zamak
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    A 3-piece stainless steel handle safety razor.  The closed-comb head is chromed-plated zinc-alloy pot metal.

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    1. Love the weight

      This is my first safety razor love the feel and weight of the handle on 9th Feb 2018

    2. Nice size and a hefty weight.

      I purchased this razor with the open comb head (also got the Aggressive head separately), after a few shaves I really like this handle. I have used both heads and they both work very well. If you are new to wet shaving I would caution you to use the standard or the open comb first. The Aggressive head is not too bad but it does take a more skilled hand. I don't think you can go wrong with any products from Stirling, they can be a one stop shop! on 23rd Jul 2017

    3. very nice handle

      the handle definitely has some heft to it. i love the finger grooves and the Knurling. I purchased this with an aggressive head after already having a standard Maggard razor. After my first shave i gave the old razor away. i KNEW this was the one for me. after putting in a new Feather blade it shaved my face like a dream, less niks and bleeders than ever. after a few shaves i have only had one that caused any irritation at all and i could feel that it was my fault. on 16th Jun 2017

    4. Oh wow!

      Only ever used "throw away razors" before the move to the DB razor was one of well... what's the worst that can happen?

      This handle is SO nice to hold. Great weight and ergonomics. I promise I will NEVER go back!

      ZERO regrets!!

      *Side note.
      The handwritten note on the delivery note was a real nice touch! Really appreciate it :)
      on 14th Apr 2017

    5. A Nice Well Made Razor at a Great Price.

      To be honest, I bought this razor solely for the stainless steel handle. The price was excellent and I liked the design. Upon receipt I was happy to see that it was all that I was expecting and more. I thought that the head would be a throw away item, but it's actually a nice looking razor head and similar in design to a Gillette New. The razor has excellent balance and heft. I believe that this razor will pair well with a Feather or Kai blade. This razor is a GREAT value. on 11th Oct 2016

    6. Awesome shave.

      Loving the handle. Overall it's sturdy and some real quality! While a mild razor, paired with a feather blade it goes to town quite nicely. No regrets! on 10th Oct 2016

    7. Great handle

      I bought this razor for the handle and I'm glad I did. Nice weight, perfect size and really cool shape. Feels very sturdy.

      As usual, a pleasure doing business with Stirling for their quality products and great customer service. Thanks...
      on 6th Oct 2016

    8. D.E razor

      This is a wonderful mild razor, very smooth. The handle is built like a tank. on 28th Aug 2016

    9. A nery nice Razor

      I bought the DE3P7S razor exclusively for the handle. But, being a fair man, I dd shave with the head that it came with. I had no issues aligning the blade, and it shave acceptably. I found the head to be way to mild for my personal tastes (which is why 4 stars), but, now I can feel confidant recommending the razor to new shavers.
      As for the handle, this is the true prize. Sold, well manufactured, and pleasant to hold.
      Stirling continues to provide above and beyond expectations.
      on 28th May 2016

    10. Not Very Aggressive...

      This would be a perfect razor for someone who is new to wet shaving. I didn't have any Quality Control issues, everything looked good and blade was easily aligned. That being said it just wasn't a sharp enough shave for my 3rd pass I was actually trying to cut myself and couldn't do it. I was swapped out the head as well and used my 3 piece Wet Shave Club head on this handle and it worked fine. Gonna use this set up and save the other head for when I start teaching my son to wet shave =) on 17th Feb 2016

    11. Perfect handle

      Il already bought the DE3P2, great value for that absurd low price, the head had some spots but is shaves like a dream. I was happy to see the offers of the razors with the ss handles and bought the DE3P7S. I was disapointed about the head this time, a lot of spots and it's not even on both sides.The blade can not be ligned up right so a nice shave is not possible. But the razor cost only 22 dollars and only the stainless steel handle is worth the price. It is very litle money for such a nice handle. I use the heads of other razors on this handle now, including the head of the previous bought DE3P2. Perfect match all the time. Conclusion: Very litle money for a great stainless steel handle but a low quality head. I rather had payed more for an improved quality control regarding the head. With a quality head one could become the leader of the marked of safety razors.. on 20th Jan 2016

    12. love the design and weight of the razor

      It's a quality razor in design, price and finish. Very pleased and think others should give these razors a try on 14th Jan 2016

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