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Starter Shave Kit - Basic


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  • Product Description

    This is a great starter kit to get a foot in the door to shaving the right way! 

    This mid-level starter kit comes with:

    1x Stainless Handle DE Razor (your choice)

    1x Astra Razor Blades (5 pack)

    1x Shark Razor Blades (5 pack)

    1x Derby Razor Blades (5 pack)

    1x Synthetic Brush (your choice of size)

    1x 4oz Green Jar with Waterproof Label

    1x Pre-Shave Soap (Unscented or Mentholated - your choice)

    3x Shave Soap Samples (1.1oz each - your choice)

    2x 5ml Aftershave Samples (your choice)

    1x Alum/Styptic (your choice)


    Retail Value: Over $60!


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    1. Great Kit

      Liked it enough I bought one for my brother. on 20th Sep 2017

    2. Great Company

      Love the soaps, scents, razors, and little touch of the hand written thanks you note. on 6th Sep 2017

    3. would buy again

      Bought this kit to try out a de razor for the first time. Not wanting to spend a ton of money until I knew if I liked the style of shaving I settled on this kit because it seemed like the most bang for my buck. I'll be back for more soaps and other products, I really like the Texas on fire and vanilla sandlewood. on 30th Aug 2017

    4. No More Razorburn!!!!

      I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate your products in this kit!!! It has everything that I was looking for to introduce me to the world of wet shaving with a DE Razor.
      Since I began shaving 30 years ago, I have struggled to find a product that would take care of the redness that appears on my neck as a result of razor burn, ingrown hairs, infected skin from a botched straight razor shave at a traditional barber shop (don't ask!). I avoided shaving my neck only when I had an important meeting or my wife began to complain and send teen wolf references my general direction.
      But now, oh man, I feel like I have found the holy grail. Not only do I enjoy a wet shave, but the Stirling products are also amazing. I had no idea that lather was supposed to feel like this. To be completely transparent, this is my first shave soap from an artisan soap company, but I can't imagine a better experience.
      I began with the sample size Margaritas in the Artic, and I absolutely love the menthol. Perfect amount for morning shaves accompanied by the cooling aftershave to match.
      Kudos to the owners for such an amazing product at such a bargain. I almost wish that the soap didn't last as long so I could dig into my other soaps(notice, I said almost). I'm still loving the scent and my wife loves the bravado it has given me in the morning. I hit the day already feeling accomplished.
      on 14th Aug 2017

    5. Amazing starter kit

      Great starter kit. Came with everything needed to get started. I'll likely get one for my brother too! Barbershop, executive man, and stirling gentlemen smell amazing. on 29th Jun 2017

    6. first time purchasing anything other than a basic cartaridge

      This is my first real shaving experience. I wanted to try something nice for myself. Well the scents are amazing and everything feels amazing on my face. Currently using the sharp dressed man soap with the synthetic brush. The soap smells great and makes my wife feel lustful. The brush feels great on my face. I have the menthol face pre shave soap. My face feels free and clear everytime I use it. Well worth the value of what I paid. on 9th Feb 2017

    7. Make the switch

      After years of razor burn and shaving being a chore I came across the wicked_edge subreddit and decided to take a chance on changing up my shaving regime. Gone are the days of canned lather, disposable razors, drudgery, and razor burn.

      This kit has a nice selection. For starters, the variety of shaving soaps is perfect for starting out. Three different scents allows you to peruse Stirling's soap selection and how they approach their scents. My choices included Conifer, Executive Man, and Bay Rum. They're all appropriate in strength and very enjoyable.

      Secondly, having a selection of razors to try from has been fun. I apparently grow copper wire on my face and having a choice of what razor works for me means I'll continue to use my razor.

      There are other nice additions to this kit: after shave, alum, and pre-shave soap. The alum stick is new to me but a great new addition. I don't feel the pre-shave soap does anything for me but the mentholated freshness it brings is refreshing!

      Do buy this kit if you're tired of disposable razors, crappy shaves, and are ready to carve out an awesome moment in your day to make yourself feel like a million dollars. Don't buy this kit if you like smelling cheap, enjoy razor burn, or don't have the time to treat yourself with an awesome shave.
      on 18th Oct 2016

    8. Excellent

      Everything has been more than I hoped it to be. All of the soaps and aftershaves smell fantastic, the one razor I've used so far has been great, shipping was fast and they even gave me a free sample of the Vanilla Sandalwood bath soap! I will definitely be buying more in the future. on 13th Oct 2016

    9. Awesome kit

      This is a fantastic kit, you get a nice razor and brush, and some samplings of stirling products to see what you would like to use more of. Great value, and great service. on 27th Jul 2016

    10. The best I've found

      I have been wet shaving for years and these products are the best I've found. For me the starter kit served more as a sampler to help me identify the scents and products I liked best.

      I am already looking forward to my next selection.
      on 26th Jul 2016

    11. Amazing Shave Soap

      The starter kit I got was amazing. I have a blast every morning shaving with this stuff and my wife loves the smell of the sharp dressed man aftershave. Score! on 20th Jul 2016

    12. Great kit

      Got this from the wife and kids for Father's Day. I love the smells that the soaps and aftershaves come in and am enjoying the razor. Best part is probably the brush which is super soft compared to the boar brush I had been using previously. on 22nd Jun 2016

    13. GReat

      Great starter set. Soaps smell great and the razor i bought is wonderful on 26th May 2016

    14. Awesome starter kit

      The perfect starter set. The razor has a nice hand feel to it. The brush is nice and smooth and works into a perfect lather in seconds, although that might be more of a quality of the soap, which smells amazing. The big kicker for me is the alum stick, which comes in very handy for a beginner. And the aftershave samples are a nice touch, because I never used aftershave before and wouldn't have thought to buy some had they not been included, but they leave you smelling great without being overpowering. The razor blades are enough to last probably six months or so. on 27th Apr 2016

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