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Starter Shave Kit - Deluxe


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Shave Soap Ingredients: Please see individual product page for a detailed list.
Pre-Shave Soap Ingredients: Please see individual product page for a detailed list.
Aftershave Ingredients: Please see individual product page for a detailed list.
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  • Product Description

    This is a superior starter kit to get a foot in the door to shaving the right way! 

    This deluxe starter kit comes with:

    1 x Stainless Handle DE Razor (your choice)

    1 x Astra Razors (5 pack)

    1x Shark Razor Blades (5 pack)

    1x Derby Razor Blades (5 pack)

    1x Gillette 7 O'Clock Yellow Razor Blades (5 pack)

    1x Feather Razor Blades (5 pack)

    1x Synthetic Brush (your choice of size)

    1x 4oz Green Jar with Waterproof Label

    1x Pre-Shave Soap (Unscented or Mentholated - your choice)

    1x 5.8oz Shave Soap Jar (your choice)

    3x Shave Soap Samples (1.1oz each - your choice)

    1x 100ml Aftershave Splash (your choice)

    1x 4oz Post-Shave Balm (your choice)

    1x Alum/Styptic (your choice)


    Retail Value: Over $95!

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    1. Pretty Good

      For a starter kit and being my first time shaving, it was awesome. My only real issue is the sandalwood lather burns when I use it. I'm unsure of if it was another brush I recently purchased from another vendor but I intend to play around and see if I can isolate the cause. The other scents are all great (Tea Tree, Stirling Gentlemen, Coniferous). The post-shave balm is great (Stirling Gentlemen) as well as the aftershave (Executive Man). The blade selection provided is fantastic and there is a noticeable difference between them. I highly recommend this kit. on 14th Sep 2017

    2. The Essential Starter Kit

      This kit is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to get into wet shaving. Each of the soaps I've used have had a truly unique scent, and it's honestly hard to pick a favorite. The selection of blades is great as well, providing a chance to find the one that works for you.

      If you're looking to get into wet shaving, or even if you've been doing it for awhile, I cannot recommend this kit enough!
      on 27th May 2017

    3. Worth every penny

      You can not go wrong with this product, every choice is a good one. I don't think you can pick a wrong scent or hardware with this kit. Pick whatever you like and enjoy every bit of it. on 28th Feb 2017

    4. If there was a 6-star option, I would've chose that instead of just 5

      What can I say except, just "wow". The razor is my new favorite, was not expecting the assortment of razor blades so that was a pleasant surprise, and out of the 2 scents that i've used so far (Margaritas in the Artic and Barbershop), both are amazing. This is an amazing starter kit for anyone that is just starting into wet shaving, and I can honestly stand behind this kit and support it. on 23rd Jan 2017

    5. Awesome Kit

      After doing some thorough research on I decided to start with this kit and it has exceeded expectations. I can't wait to try more shave soaps! on 22nd Dec 2016

    6. GREAT starter kit

      I looked through the starter kits here and on other sites (through, and finally settled on this one. Absolutely no regrets, and I'd pick this one again. It's a great way to get started in DE shaving, and I'll be recommending it to several friends and coworkers. on 26th May 2016

    7. Great kit to start off with or add to your collection!!!

      All the products are great, and are a great value as well. You'll love the performance and the scents are great too, mentholated ones are really cool!!! on 14th May 2016

    8. awesome

      Great set to get started! The options are endless on samples for the soaps. I will be ordering from stirling again! on 28th Jan 2016

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