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Stirling Gentleman Post-Shave Balm


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Ingredients: Distilled Water, Witch Hazel, Aloe, Emulsifying Wax, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Glycerin, Myristyl Myristate (Co-Emulsifier), Grapeseed Oil, Refined Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Optiphen Plus, Stearic Acid, Essential Oil, Coconut Oil, Fragrance Oil, Allantoin
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    You still hold open doors. Sir, Ma'am, please, and thank you are permanent fixtures in your lexicon. Your attire is never disheveled in public. You command respect from first glance, then earn and keep that respect as time passes. Rudeness and coercion are not in your personality. It doesn't need to be. Others feel compelled to be around you and work with you. You're not a jerk or a relic of times past. You're a Gentleman. A Stirling Gentleman....and this is what you smell like.

    A warm and masculine blend of Tobacco, Vanilla, Amber, and Musk. (Fragrance Oil/Essential Oil)
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    1. Wonderful Scent

      This balm soothes my skin after shaving. It smells really nice. I also have the shaving soap. Very pleased with Stirling products. on 2nd Nov 2017

    2. This is my daily scent

      I match this up with my matching after shave splash and soap. I love that I occasionally smell the scent throughout the day after applying this balm. The balm is medium thickness, yet not greasy at all. The scent lasted all day for me, which I really appreciated. This is super high quality. I utilize this in my rotation now more often than any other scent I have from Stirling. I am anxious to try out more from Stirling. on 18th Aug 2017

    3. Great balm, great feel, great scent.

      Excellent nourishing, hydrating and protective properties, pleasant skin feel. I also use the shaving soap of this scent. I love this fragrance, it’s my favourite of all. on 22nd Jul 2017

    4. Feels great!

      Purchased the bath soap first, loved the scent so ordered the balm. Feels really good after a shave when I don't want the refreshing sting of an aftershave splash. Scent is great and long lasting. on 27th Apr 2017

    5. Can't go wrong here!

      Smells just as great as the Stirling Gentleman shave soap, and body soap. Helps fight razor burn! on 6th Apr 2017

    6. Never used Balms...until now!

      I usually avoided balms as unnecessary or unmanly. I'm willing to admit when I'm wrong. I use this stuff in conjunction with Stirling Gentleman shave soap and aftershave. It's the last thing I rub into my mug, but it's the first thing I think of when Blondie whispers, "'d you get so smooth?" A Stirling Gentleman never tells! on 4th Apr 2017

    7. Stirling's balms are simply a MUST

      Stirling has hit a bullseye on the tobacco scent . You will either love this or hate this, I love it and it will be a regular for me for a long while. I would highly recommend any Stirling balm in the scent you like if you have sensitive skin. They soothe and leave your face feel hydrated. on 27th Jan 2017

    8. Pair with a tobacco soap

      This scent would pair nicely with Tabac users. It's a noticeable tobacco scent rounded with vanilla's sweetness. If you don't like tobacco, this is not for you. However, if you are, then I highly recommend this balm. on 12th Oct 2016

    9. Beautiful Scent

      This scent has shot up to the top of the list in all of Stirling products. It is just a beautiful and well rounded scent. The performance is outstanding as with all of Stirling's balms and the scented balm layered on top of the splash really lasts quite a long time. The scent is deep but subtle and plays nicely with most of the fragrances I wear. I will not be without this one. Ever. Great job on an original Stirling scent. If you haven't tried it yet, I can't recommend it highly enough. on 11th Oct 2016

    10. This balm is amazing

      This balm is the best of all balms. It smells good makes your skin feel good and moisturizing hydrated all day long. What more can you ask for? Nothing. When you apply just a little bit is all u need, it feels like you are in heaven. The ingredients in the balm are fantastic Natural healthy. Rod and his wife mandy are geniuses. I can't thank Rod and Mandy enough. Thank you so much from my heart. I love your products they are that Good. They deserve so much Credit. Good prices, outstanding quality, Lightning fast shipping. Beautiful packaging and Beautiful labeling just Beautiful, on 20th Aug 2016

    11. It eases the cravings

      Im not sure this will help, but this smell lingers on your hands and face. From time to time, I get a strong craving for a mouthful of Levi Garrett. Since I've been using this, the smell alone satisfies the urge. It's a sweet and rich smell that kind of makes you feel like sitting on the porch on a cool fall evening.

      This is definitely going to be a constant purchase.
      on 8th Aug 2016


      Identical scent to the Soap and Aftershave. Not as loud as the alcohol aftershave but last longer in a way. Stays with you all day till you wash it off! Non greasy, smooth, quick absorbing... just plain and simple awesome! at $8.95 its a dang steal! on 29th Jul 2016

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