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Synthetic 2-Band Brush - 24mm x 56mm

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Knot Diameter: 24mm
Knot Height: ~56mm
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    Our newest addition to our synthetic brush lineup! This black and white synthetic 2-band knot has super soft bristles but enough backbone to perform flawlessly.  Lathers like a champ!

    Brush/Stand Compatibility: See Our Chart

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    1. Best brush regardless of price

      This synthetic brush is simply the best synthetic brush on the market today. It has that great backbone so you can scrub and make a great face lather with. Along with some of the softest tips Ive ever felt. The price of this brush is truly rediculous and stirling absolutely does not get enough credit for the quality of products they produce. This is easily a $50 brush!! on 21st Nov 2017

    2. Just a Really Great Brush, and Beautiful Too!

      There is something very aesthetically pleasing about the appearance of this brush, with its frosted tips matching the cream-colored handle so appealingly, and the handle and tips set off by the jet black two-band bristles. The performance is exceptional in all respects. As another reviewer pointed out, this brush would be a bargain at twice the price. I have purchased several so that I will hopefully never be without one. Thanks Stirling, for another great product at an exceptional price! on 20th Nov 2017

    3. My new favorite synthetic

      I have 5 synthetic brushes. This is the least expensive one, but it outperforms all the others. I have huge hands and while this handle is a bit smaller than I'd like, it's still the easiest brush to grip of any brush I own. The knot is perfect. Lathers like crazy, soft, good backbone, just amazing.

      To be honest, if it costs twice as much, it would still be the best value in a brush I have.

      on 18th Nov 2017

    4. This is a gorgeous brush!

      I have the boar brush with the same handle so I knew that was going to be great, my favorite handle! I have many synthetic knots from the original plisson to the similar black and white style tuxedo knots like what is on this brush. But this one is by far the softest and has the perfect backbone! The knot combined with the amazing handle makes this an outstanding brush! My favorite so far.

      With performance and prices like this my badgers have taken the back seat to my synthetics.WOW! PLEASE try this brush you wont be dissapointed.
      on 15th Nov 2017

    5. Great Shaving Brush

      I have become an exclusive synthetic shaving brush user and this one makes a total of 8 synthetic brushes that I own and that are in my shaving rotation. This brush out performs the high end synthetic brushes that I have and is a joy to use with a price that can't be beat. The knot has soft tips with sufficient backbone and the handle is not only very attractive, it is very easy to hold. All in all, this is a great shaving brush. on 12th Nov 2017

    6. Classy!

      I am stunned by this brush. The handle has the perfect shape for holding while it is slippery. The black and egg-white bands give it a classic, very high quality appearance. This handle belongs on a $200 brush and yet here it is on a dirt cheap, awesome synthetic beauty. I have about 10 shaving brushes and I think this just launched to the top as my favorite. I still can't get over how cheap this was. I have lathered up a few times, testing new soaps I got today and the brush is just soooooo comfortable and performs like you would expect from a nice, soft synthetic. Yes, I am one of those guys that ditched the badger and boar brushes after trying synthetic.
      The styling of this brush reminds me of a Franklin-Christoph fountain pen. Many fountain pens, like brush handles, have swirled, marbled patters and/or bright colors. Franklin-Christoph tends to produce very classic designs with timeless appeal. I own 4 of them because of their beauty. This handle has that same style without the premium price.
      Nice job, Stirling! I thought the Kong was awesome, this one is excellent!

      on 9th Nov 2017

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