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Witch Hazel & Aloe Sample Pack of 3 (1oz bottles)


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Ingredients: Due to menthol content, please see individual product pages for a specific ingredients list
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    Try 3 samples of our Witch Hazel & Aloe Splash before you commit to a full bottle.  These 1oz portions are also perfect for travel and they make great gifts!  Please see individual product pages for scent descriptions.

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    1. Sample pks are the way to go

      When I finish up with my 3 pk I'm gonna try another set of scents.
      Sterling products are tremendous!
      on 28th Jul 2017

    2. Ok, so these are interesting.

      The ugly smell of witch hazel we are all unfond of is completely irrelevant here. The refreshing feeling of aloe quickly adds a great amount of moisture and comfort to your neck or face after shaving. Ideal for children. Comes in amazing scents, i love orange chill personally. Put this in a spray bottle and watch your clientelle grow. If you only shave at home then i would recommend for sensitive skin or to switch to something lighter than aftershave. on 26th Jul 2017

    3. Leaving Thayer's is hard, but I'm probably going to do it

      This balm is pretty amazing. While the scents I got were not to my liking, I have to say that the face-feel, slight burn, awesome smoothing is something I really enjoy.

      Ben Franklin - Didn't like the scent. Too reminiscent of "old people smell" to me. Cream performed great.

      Velvetier - Too much pine scent. Felt like a christmas tree. But the post-shave "zing" and smoothness was second to none.

      Margaritas in the Arctic - Again, the scent was too strong for me. LIME. I thought I might like lime, but this scent lingers and I find it unpleasant.

      I will certainly go with the Executive Man for my next order, but the sampler pack is the best way to get a decent amount to test out for the scents. The product as a base is great. I'm going to finish off my Thayer's and order this, as it's a bargain at the full price, and replaces two products I use currently for a shave.
      on 15th Feb 2017

    4. Great way to investigate new fragrances.

      I like the Witch Hazel / Aloe used in these sample. The fragrances I ordered:

      BEN FRANKLIN - Don't care for this scent; would not order.

      TEXAS ON FIRE - An intriguing smokey scent. The more I use it the more I like it, but I haven't figured out what to pair with it.

      VETIVER - Cedary/ woodsy. I enjoyed this. I will need to order more products with Vetiver in them
      on 3rd Nov 2016

    5. Great way to sample several fragrances

      The Witch Hazel and Aloe post-shave splash is very pleasant, with a nice cooling touch added by those called "Chill" (mild menthol) or "Glacial" (more intense menthol). If you don't like the "burn" of a traditional alcohol-based aftershave splash, these can provide a good alternative. Witch Hazel is an astringent which will help to close pores and disinfect, and the Aloe is good for moisturizing your skin. Good for right after the shave, or for freshening up any time. These sample sizes provide an economical way to try several of the different fragrance options, and the sample bottles can also be refilled and used for travel. I appreciate that Stirling offers sample sizes of their shave soaps, aftershaves, and this product -- not every artisan does. Bravo! on 18th Oct 2016

    6. Great way to try before investing in a big bottle

      With so many great choices, it's great to be able to sample the wares before having a bottle of something that isn't quite right for you.

      I hit a homerun with Margaritas in the Arctic, but wasn't wild about the scent of Ben Franklin (too clovey for my tastes) and Vetiver (not my bag).

      The best part is that the performance of the WH and Aloe is incredible, so even if you don't like a scent, they fade quickly and you still have the benefits of a great product.
      on 14th Oct 2016


      I received my order for the sample pack of Witch Hazel & Aloe tonic aftershave. This product is awesome. My face is so smooth. The scents that I ordered are:
      Margaritas in the Arctic : crisp fresh scent of lemon/lime with menthol. WOW ! It is like receiving a iced cool bucket of Margaritas in the face !!!!! It is intense, refreshing without the burn of alcohol.
      Orange Chill: very nice intense orange zest scent with menthol.
      Ben Franklin: the scent is a little weird in the bottle but just a couple minutes after the application & it fades leaving a spicy rootbeer like scent.
      The Margaritas in the Arctic will now be my go-to aftershave !
      on 23rd Aug 2016

    8. If your not sure what to get

      The sample pack allows anyone to try and see which full size bottles to buy next. The aloe and witch hazel is great, It is not alcohol and its not a balm and doesn't make your skin burn but still leaves your face feeling great. Choosing just three is the hard part. on 5th May 2016

    9. Superb After Shave

      I purchased the sample bottles - Orange Chill, Black Ice and Margaritas in the Arctic. Wow! Wow! Loved all three.
      The feel of slight burn and then the chill is amaziing. After putting it on there is a chill. Then walking into another room gives you another chill. What a great product.
      The scents are great too. After receiving the the bottles, I did not think I would the Black Ice but I did. The Orange Chill is my favorite. Not crazy about the Stirling Soaps yet, so I will pair the Orange Chill with Razorock Don Marco.
      I will be a repeat buyer for the witch hazel and aloe products.
      on 19th Apr 2016

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