Glacial Iceberg Island

We've taken our star summer scent, Island Man, and plopped him down on an iceberg in the arctic with a glacial amount of menthol!

Glacial Frozen Tuxedo

Our popular Sharp Dressed Man fragrance with enough menthol to make a polar bear buy a timeshare in Florida.

Glacial Mango Sunrise

This sweet summer treat has notes of mango, papaya, coconut cream, and musk. It's creamy sweetness is balanced perfectly by a heaping amount of menthol.

Glacial Cedar

We've taken a nice dose of cedarwood and lightened it up with a touch of lime. With a healthy addition of menthol, it's a freezingly bold woodsy scent.

Glacial Citron

This is the ultimate of freshness! A blend of tangerine, orange, lemon, lime, pink grapefruit, and a healthy (glacial) dose of menthol will leave you feeling cool, clean, and ready to tackle anything.

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