Glacials have Returned!

Some of the coldest products on the market are now available for the hottest time of the year!

Classic Glacial Scents

We've brought Wintergreen, Spearmint, & Obsidian back for a limited time!

Other Summer Scents

Pearberry, Peach, Glastonbury, South Padre, & Pharaoh's Dreamsicle are back for the season!

Body Lotion Sale!

All Body Lotions are now $9.95!

Body Butter Sale!

Body Butters are now $9.95!


We now have a Mokha Java Blend, House Blend, and our best-selling, Breakfast Blend

New Decaf and Half-Caf Blend!

We have a new decaf that you wouldn't even know is decaf! We also have a Half-Caf for those on the fence. Check them out!

New Single Origin Coffees!

Back by popular demand- Costa Rica and Papua New Guinea!

NEW TO STIRLING? Check out our Samples and Starter Kits!

Shave Soap Samples (Pack of 5)
Our 1 oz shave soap samples are a great way to get a handful of sample scents to try before you buy a full-size jar.
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Budget Starter Kit
The Budget Starter Kit has everything you need to get started in wet shaving at a discounted price that makes it even more attractive.
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