Bath Soap Subscription Box

We'll make sure you're never without a fresh stock of bath soap again! Our bath soap subscription box comes with either 6 or 12 bars and a slew of options. Order the same set of scents or let us mix it up every time.


We now have a Mokha Java Blend, House Blend, and our best-selling, Breakfast Blend

New Decaf and Half-Caf Blend!

We have a new decaf that you wouldn't even know is decaf! We also have a Half-Caf for those on the fence. Check them out!

New Single Origin Coffees!

Back by popular demand- Costa Rica and Papua New Guinea!

Glacials have Returned!

Some of the coldest products on the market are now available for the hottest time of the year!

Classic Glacial Scents

We've brought Wintergreen, Spearmint, & Obsidian back for a limited time!

Other Summer Scents

Pearberry, Peach, Glastonbury, South Padre, & Pharaoh's Dreamsicle are back for the season!

Body Lotion Sale!

All Body Lotions are now $9.95!

Body Butter Sale!

Body Butters are now $9.95!

NEW TO STIRLING? Check out our Samples and Starter Kits!

Shave Soap Samples (Pack of 5)
Our 1 oz shave soap samples are a great way to get a handful of sample scents to try before you buy a full-size jar.
Shop the Sample Pack!
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Budget Starter Kit
The Budget Starter Kit has everything you need to get started in wet shaving at a discounted price that makes it even more attractive.
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