Mokha Java Blend - Coffee

Mokha Java Blend - Coffee

Mokha Java Blend - Coffee

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Mokha Java (not to be confused with mocha java) is the oldest known blend of coffee that dates back to when coffee trades came to the European markets from the ports of Java and Yemen. Coffee drinkers began mixes the two origins interchangeably so there is no set ratio of the two coffees. More modern blends include other origins and may completely omit the Yemen coffee due to availability or cost. We have chosen to keep the integrity of the Mokha but use it for it's lighter, fruitier top notes and allow the Java to carry the deep chocolatey base. We also mixed in a little Colombia to tie the two main origins together.

*This may be a limited run as the Mokha (Yemen) portion of this coffee is quite expensive and we'd like to keep the blend as traditional as possible.

**Please Note: The notes listed above are NOT added flavors, they are the natural notes inherent to the beans.

Roast Depth

Medium-Dark Roast

Bag Size

12oz & 32oz

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