Starter Kit - Deluxe
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Starter Kit - Deluxe

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This is a superior starter kit made up of our finest hardware and software to get a foot in the door to shaving the right way! 

This deluxe starter kit comes with:

1 x DE Safety Razor (your choice)

1 x Astra Razors (5 pack)

1 x Shark Razor Blades (5 pack)

1 x Derby Razor Blades (5 pack)

1 x Voskhod Razor Blades (5 pack)

1 x Gillette 7 O'Clock Yellow Razor Blades (5 pack)

1 x Feather Razor Blades (5 pack)

1 x Synthetic Brush (your choice of size)

1 x 4oz Green Jar with Waterproof Label

1 x Pre-Shave Soap (Unscented or Mentholated - your choice)

1 x 5.8oz Shave Soap Jar (your choice)

3 x Shave Soap Samples (~1.0oz each - your choice)

1 x 100ml Aftershave Splash (your choice)

1 x 4oz Post-Shave Balm (your choice)

1 x Alum/Styptic (your choice)




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